The Dos And Don'ts Of Cosplaying While Black

Unless you count the time I dressed up as Left 4 Dead’s Louis for Halloween a few years back, I’ve never really done cosplay. I just don’t have the inclination for it.

But if I did I probably follow the handy guide provided by Break’s Ron Funches about who to dress up as. I don’t agree with all of his seals of approval but let’s just say that you’ll never see me with a gun for a hand like certain Final Fantasy characters mentioned above.

[Via Laughing Squid]


    This is quite possibly the greatest youtube video I have seen all month

    Just grab your grandma's table cloth or rob a pimp :p lmao

    That ending lol, wonder what day 5 smells like 0_o

    How about just dress as whoever you want? Race shouldn't restrict who you cosplay, as long as you have fun doing it!

    "I look like a fat mac 10 right now, and he was already fat" - classic

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