The Everyday Life Of A Pokemon Trainer, In Heartwarming Comic Form

One of the things the Pokemon games aren't particularly good at is showing the small, everyday moments a Pokemon trainer must experience while on their journey to become the very best.

Enter The Link Cable Series by Brian Wolf, which is "a small series of small stories about small moments between Pokemon trainers and their connections to the world". Basically, a slice of life, Pokemon style. Right now there are two comics, "Water" and "Grass", with a third story — "Fire" — coming down the line. Here are the first two completed ones:

You can purchase the "Water" minicomic here.


    Charmander? ;)

    The art style is beautiful, and the story was so heartwarming :)

    Last edited 20/07/13 11:07 pm

    This is just beautiful.
    But yeah the pages for the bulbasaur one are out of order, pages 2 and 3 are mixed up

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