The Famicom Turns 30. Share Your NES Memories Here.

The Famicom Turns 30. Share Your NES Memories Here.

Your carefree 20s are over, Famicom. No more gallivanting. It’s time to settle down — find a nice wife, get a stable job, maybe put a down payment on a house. You’re 30 now.

The Famicom — or Family Computer — first hit Japanese stores on July 15, 1983, and although it took a couple more years for it to make its way to North America (in a totally new form, as the Nintendo Entertainment System), today officially marks three decades of Nintendo console gaming.

I have vivid memories of my NES days — grinding for levels to get past the Marsh Cave in Final Fantasy; notebooks full of passwords for games like Faxanadu; impossible Battletoads levels and ridiculous Sesame Street mini-games. And what about you, Kotaku? Share your best NES/Famicom stories and memories below.

Picture: Wikimedia

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