The Fascinating Numbers Behind This Year's Steam Summer Sale

Rest easy, wallets: we're finally out of the clutches of the mighty Steam Summer Sale. Seems like a good time to look back on it all, right?

Redditor tallkido has put together a nifty infographic that breaks down the numbers behind the sale, if you're curious. Take a look:

Summary of the Steam Summer Sale [tallkido]


    "Lowest Price Sale" was not $1.25, I picked up several games for 99c and at least one for 49c. The latter wasn't a main page sale but I'm fairly certain some of the 99c ones were.

      I think they meant sale as in featured sale, not really specified but that was how i read it.

      DLC not included, which I'm sure is what you're talking about.

      And, for a while, Just Cause 1 was 27c, a 92% discount, making it the deepest discount and the lowest price sale.

      I picked up Just Cause for 27 CENTS! try to beat that!

    no mention of idling in games to get trading card drops which you could then sell for cash and buy yourself a cheap game or two?

      It worked if you opened multiple games, too. I think I had around fifteen games open when I left for Melbourne. Checking the mobile Steam app while away, a friend remarked, "...And you're playing Bastion, apparently."
      "Yes. Out of the games with cards I needed to unlock, it was one of the few ones left I could stand to be seen playing."
      They can never know that I own Magical Diary. NO-ONE MUST KNOW.

      I think that week-long trip has somewhat distorted the 'hours played' numbers on several games which don't deserve it.

    I come here for informative journalism, but more and more I find myself reading reposts from reddit 24 hours ago... So basically your source for this 'article' is 'some-guy-on-the-internet'? Cool I guess.
    -Obligatory rant.

    Bit underwhelmed by the amount of stats shown in this infographic.. I was waiting for total sales made, total amount of money spent.. totals, totals, totals... not a lot of info really..

    I'd like to see how much money Valve made off the 2c from each card sold on the community market. Scripters were hamming the jesus out of the marketplace towards the end. Cards were selling as you clicked the submit button, trying to buy a card you would sit there refreshing the page constantly and see new listings come and go.

      It wouldn't necessarily be scripters though. Think of how many thousands of people at any given time would be clicking "buy" from that small list of 10 or so cards at the lowest price. Particularly, the Sale cards.

    What's impressive to me is how much money they've made through commissions on sales of trading cards through the community market.

    By my estimates, almost US$890,000 of sales have occurred for the 10 Summer Getaway Sale cards so far, with Valve bringing in around $44,500 of that in their 5% commission. The 10 developers associated with the 10 cards would have brought in $5-6,000 each.

    Not a bad haul considering each card is essentially just a desktop background.

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    I never bought a game for trading cards, don't know why anyone would

      Never collected anything in your life?

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