The Final Preorder Bonus For Paradox Interactive's Eagerly-anticipated PC/Mac Grand Strategy Europa

The final preorder bonus for Paradox Interactive's eagerly-anticipated PC/Mac grand strategy Europa Universalis IV has been revealed...

It's a save game converter for Kotaku 2012 Game of the Year nominee Crusader Kings II, and a free copy of that game for those unfortunate enough to not own it already.


    Perfect! Just import the Roman Empire which owns all of Europe itself, and quickly start a march eastward and southward to annihilate everything from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean!

    while a lot of people will copy their global empires; it will be really kinda cool if you could keep a fairly fractured and still pagan europe. See if you could get a Jorvik all the way through...

    I liked my pre-Old Gods DLC Irish Sultanate. Didnt do that well though once the Aztecs rocked up.

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