The Five Best StarCraft II Matches Of The Weekend

There were some close calls in this weekend’s latest round of matches during the 2012-2013 StarCraft II Proleague. We hand-picked five of these games to recap for you, focusing on those that really show the current state of the competitive StarCraft II scene, highlighting incredible unit control and decision making

Let’s start off with one of the most exciting matches between legendary terran player Fantasy and protoss player Hero. After losing units and missing critical chances early in the game, Fantasy made an impressive comeback in the above video.

A Close Match Between Two Top Protoss Players

The outcome of short, back and forth mirror matchups between two protoss players — just like the one you see here between Brood War legend Bisu and EG-TL’s Oz — depends on perfect scouting and micro managing your units. It’s always nerve-wracking to watch how quickly a player can get bumped from the lead just from losing one unit or making the tiniest errors.

Terran Is Not Invincible

We can catch some impressive Ghost control, EMPs and snipes from Taeja — one of the top terran players in the world — as he tries to keep Rain, the protoss guy in bay, but overall the mistakes he makes gives Rain a free win, and shows that terrans are far from invincible.

The World’s Best, Still In His Best Form

With multiple drops and perfect snipes at the protoss player’s Colossus units, the match between the current World Champion Innovation — beyond a doubt the best StarCraft II progamer in the world right now — and Terminator is rousingly intense.

The Legend Himself And His Aggressive Play

It’s always fun to watch the legendary Flash (I mean, seriously, he even has an action figure displayed) playing SCII. It’s just stunning how he crushes the zerg player, CJ’s effOrt in a few minutes with Hellbat and Marauders, which is currently the most popular terran build.

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