The Future Of Video Games Sure Has Fancy Lighting

Visuals company Geomerics has some lighting tech called Enlighten. It's in a lot of games you've already played, but it's in even more you're about to play. In the future. And they look just great.

This demo reel the company put together sure is pretty. I doubt my PC will ever get these games looking that good, but hey, maybe my next one will. Just in time for the company's 2017 showreel to make me feel bad all over again.

(via PC Gamer)



    Still no realtime Ambient Occlusion, i really want third person characters to look like they are standing on the floor rather than floating above it, apart from that everything else looks really good.

      There IS Real Time ambient occlusion. It's very fake, it's screen space, but it's real time for sure.

    This is awfully old, only just found this now? It was already in BF3.

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