The Good News Is There's A Rambo Game. It's The Bad News Too.

The good news is that First Blood gets its due. We knew this when Fahey showed us screens of Hope, Washington. The bad news is that Rambo: The Video Game looks like something for the PlayStation 2. It just looks terrible. Which, of course, means day-one purchase for me.

Make no mistake, I'm a big Rambo fan. First Blood is one of my 10 favourite movies, and despite what the name has come to stand for since, it was a critical success, too. Roger Ebert gave it three stars. Stallone's tirade to Richard Crenna, laying out the futility of his existence post-Vietnam, legitimately shaped my very young understanding of what war did to people, and what that one did in particular. But then it devolved from an action flick with a real point to a self-parodying symbol of Reagan-era belligerence. Still, the second and third films, I gotta admit, were entertaining as hell in their own way.

As I said about Ride to Hell, this game will definitely fill a void — playing as John Rambo versus the weekend warriors up in the soggy forest outside town. Kicking the deputies' asses looks like a cutscene; that'll probably be followed by the game's obligatory stealth level as you escape from jail. Then again, pretty much all of whatever stands for First Blood Part II should be stealth kills. Making that interesting for a brand so closely identified with empty-the-belt action is a near insurmountable challenge.

Reef Entertainment has been working on this since 2011. Unfortunately, looks count for a lot, and what we see here suggests a game that didn't end up with a budget to match its ambition, or name recognition.

I don't see Rambo nailing a guy to a tree with an arrow through the forehead or sewing a wound shut. The most iconic badass shit Rambo does in this trailer, the mud camo, gets my Joe Bob Drive-In Academy Award for most unintentionally hilarious trailer highlight of 2013. Anyway, this game is out in August, PS3, 360 and PC.


    The character model of Rambo looks ridiculous.

    Wake me up for 'hot shots' the videogame.

      The game that *needs* to happen.

      As well as HOTSHOTS 3. Which would be able to easily parody this resurgance of old man action movies...

        Yes! Please for the love of the flying spaghetti monster, someone make a Hotshots 3!

          Hotshots without Lloyd Bridges wouldn't be the same... But maybe movie could open with Charlie Sheen coming out of rehab after being found drinking scotch and doing lines off Lloyd Bridges character's tombstone?

          Also this game would be a rental, do we still have video stores? Are movies rented on USB yet?

            Video stores? What are these 'video stores' you speak of?

            Actually my local seems to have a fair few games. They never really have the most recent titles and there's a whole bunch of imports (NTSC from Asian regions), but hey, still better than nothing.

    They're a little late for "first" Rambo game - The NES had it nailed nearly 30 years ago!

    Love the hair

    I think I'm going to have an issue with this one. In "First Blood", only one person dies and it was an accident when the guy fell out of the helicopter. Yes, the cops were hick cops abusing their power but Rambo also wasn't trying to kill them all.

    Also, the game is very fugly.

    Clearly Owen forgets what PS2 visuals looked like because that looks better than PS2/Wii graphics by a wide margin.

    Having said that the Rambo character is firmly situated in the uncanny valley!

    sell me it for $20 and we will talk about it.

    Ladies and gentlemen! Introducing Tomb Raider with less clothes.

    This looks sick.

      Agreed. I love action movies of that era and this looks like all the best bits of the Rambo films in full interactive glory!

        I might have to dust the 'ol HD-DVD player and have a Rambo marathon this weekend. Why oh why did I ever buy that thing?

    Looks like far cry on roids... Day one buy for sure!!! Although its gonna probably get censored here! I called it first !!

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