The Greatest Week In Gaming Apps Ever

Hidden within this week's apps are some of the finest games to ever grace a tablet, Android, iOS or otherwise. I'd name them specifically, but I wouldn't want Baseball Slame, Groove Racer, Super Paper Pool, Wheel of Fortune Cubed, Black Gate: Inferno, Smooth Operators, Blastron or Turd Birds to feel inferior.

They are like my children, and I will not pick favourites (Archer).

Hey look, there are the games I've played over the past two weeks!

Sprinkle Islands — Android, iOS — $1.99 Once there was an amazing fluid dynamics-heavy puzzle game called Sprinkle. Then it got even better, with floating objects and impressive boss battles. So good.

Black Gate: Inferno — iOS — Free It's an MMO! A Diablo-style MMO, to be exact. Not exactly PC quality, but it gets the job done.

Smooth Operators — iOS — $2.99 Having worked in a tech support call centre for seven years, this call centre management sim makes me realise what a pain-in-the-arse I was back then.

Turd Birds — Android, iOS — Free I just wanted to say "Turd Birds" again.

Cannon Crasha — iOS — $0.99 Oh holy god, this is so good. It's one part defence, one part trajectory strategy, and several parts old school video game reference. So much win here.

Wheel of Fortune Cubed — iOS — $0.99 A clever, social way to play the game show. Players take turns selecting consonants and then attempting to solve a 5x5 crossword-like grid. There is wheel-spinning! And a single-player mode for the anti-social types.

Blastron — iOS — Free You ever wish Worms had customiseable robots instead? Well here you go, Roger. It's free-to-play, which in this case means folks can spend money on better weapons, but the single-player campaign is unsullied by big budgets.

Super Paper Pool — Android, iOS — Free, $1.99 A gorgeous little pool-meets mini-golf sort of game. The challenge is high, but so is the sense of accomplishment.

Groove Racer — iOS — Free It's slot car racing, but incredibly pretty slot car racing. It's free as well, which is a plus. Not a lot of substance, but tons of style.

Tiny Thief — Android, iOS — $2.99 This is a delightful puzzle/adventure/stealth game — an odd combination you really have to play. Seriously. Go play it. Now. Ignore Baseball Slam.

Baseball Slam — iOS — Free I told you to ignore this one. What the hell? OK, fine. This is actually a pretty nifty... baseball... puzzle... action something. Really rather cool.


    Very few android ones there. And there are many good quality MMO's for it.

    Every time I see a "greatest mobile games ever" style article like this, I die a little inside.
    Always 70% iOS to android ratio.

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