The Internet Reacts Stupidly/Hilariously To GTAV's New Trailer

As is becoming custom every time Rockstar releases a new Grand Theft Auto V trailer, the Tumblr gtavtrailercomments has rolled up its sleeves and lurched through the very best internet comments available on the new media.

And by best, I really mean worst. Oh internet.

gtavtrailercomments [Tumblr]


    Idiocracy is slowly becoming real.

      You mean present day is catching up with that documentary from the future?

      Can't wait for Ow, My Balls! the video game.

      You know - ever since I saw that movie I have worried that it may become reality... now I am watching it before my very eyes! Ah well, let the "ah, my balls" marathons begin!

      "Idiocracy" that movie, worlds smartest man

      Go away, batin'.

      What doesn't stop Idiocracy only prevents the inevitable.

    reading these just made me realise that while there is that huge subsection of gamers who are extremely homophobic, there is also a huge number obsessed with semen and phalluses , and all too often these two group overlap.

      Aren't they otherwise known as teenagers exploring their sexuality?

      All us old folk seem to forget that once upon a time we were that stupid too :-P

        Except the average gamer is no longer a teenager, I cant remember what the age was but its like mid-20s, so while sure some could fall in to that category it can be equally sure many don't.

          Ah but overlap that with the average age of the Tumblr user and statisticially speaking the thread is more likely to be populated with teenagers obsessed with phalluses, semen etc. (assuming the average age of a Tumblr user is younger than the average age of gamers which is likely).

          Single stats (like the average age of gamers) rarely provide meaningful data when used in isolation unless of course you're just talking about the average age of gamers :-P

            These are all youtube comments that have been overlayed on these pics

    yep, today i realised im old....i dont understand anything the above things just said. it was a good 30 years...time to put on old man pants me thinks.

      I think I just became part of this group.... nfi what's going on.
      FWIW the gameplay trailer made it look amazing.

      Im the same at 29. No Idea what they were saying.

        Ok I'll have a go at giving them context:

        No more you don't have to worry about bitch: The dating system is not returning in GTA V (which many felt interrupted rather than enhanced game play in previous GTA's)

        The driving looks gay like Saints Row, fuck me: Many feel that the driving system / model in GTA IV was ideal, so don't like that they are changing it in GTA V (to be more like Saints Row)

        I downloaded it its free - but you can only play as Trevor: this is mocking the fact that pirated versions of games are often (initially) missing key features, in this case being only able to play as one of the three heroes.

        It will be PC - adventually: commenting on Rockstar advertising for PC developers for their games, hinting GTA V may get a PC release but it will be a long time off. (adventually = internet slang that you will get to that adventure eventually)

        This shit right here my nigga - shit out of here: expression of disdain, referring to a rather infamous comment by Kevin Garnett (NBA basketballer) where he tells Kenneth Faried to 'get his (weak) shit outa here nigga' - youtube link:

        Hope this helps.

        Last edited 11/07/13 1:37 pm

          and how old are you? 14 0r 15?

          Not a single one of those made any sense with the exception of the first one to me, and I'm an avid GTA Player!

          That did help. Most of those were so far from what I thought they were!

      +1 and I'm 21, so I wouldn't worry if I were you :P

      I think you will find most of these people either paid no attention in school or never bothered to go to attend, resulting in not being able to string together an actual sentence that makes any sort of sense.

      It's not because you're "old" it's more than likely the people who wrote them are more than likely received little or no education growing up, that or English is a 2nd or third language to some of them and they struggle typing sentences in it, but props to them for trying.

      Yep... was reading through this and didn't understand any of it :-\
      Apparently my time is up, take me out back and shoot me.

      What is fenix saying??? I'm 28 and I'm too bloody old for what most people are talking about.

        nfi = no f***ing idea
        fwiw = for what its worth

        I'm 29 haha, I thought those were common abbreviations.... oh well :(

          I think I am just too bloody old regardless of my actual age. :P

    I think I'm finally out of touch of what my other half calls "teen speak".

    Yeah, following the general consensus here. Do these people like the look of the game or not?
    Also just confirming they were the best internet comments?

    Looking at these examples, I no longer feel guilty that my generation may be responsible for global warming...

    I try my best not to read youtube comments - they make me weep for the future of our species. They're only hilarious when you forget that people actually wrote these...

    How exactly is this an article?

    I thought this was going to be about the lack of a PC announcement and how the internet had voiced it's opinion. Which I think could warrant an article and might be something worth discussing.

    Instead I got a bunch of stupid comment's half of which don't make sense.

    In fact, I visit reddit and other forums quite regularly and haven't seen a single one of these floating around so..... yeah....
    Maybe it's just the demographic on Tumblr?

    Go to Reddit and go to the r/reactiongifs subreddit ( , it's flowing with GTA V reactions like this you can search gta V and click limit my search to r/reactiongifs

    Last edited 12/07/13 10:10 am

    There were SO many trolls at the comment section. And some low-lives just create numerous accounts to troll.

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