The Last Of Us' Fungus Infection Could Never Actually Happen, But...

There's enough smiling here to remind you we're talking speculative fiction here. And just enough science to make anyone who's played The Last Of Us a little bit nervous.

Could We Be The last Of Us? [vsauce3]


    One word: Toxoplasmosis. It's everywhere. It's a parasite that infects the brains of rats. When a rat catches it their brain is altered so they seek out and attack cats and inevitably get eaten. Then the cat ingests the parasite in the rat, passes it in it's litter, rats eat it.. and boom.. more zombie rats. Seriously, if this thing mutated to be more of an issue for humans ... (it can already seriously deform or kill babies in pregnant mothers!)

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      I did an ELISA assay on myself a couple of years ago to test myself, and I was negative for toxoplasmosis then... There's been a bit of research that claims that even though in otherwise healthy people the infection seems benign, there have been some interesting links to bahvioural changes in infected individuals. I'll see if I can track down the papers, they're a few years old. Creepy stuff though.

        Apparently women with toxoplasmosis are more outgoing, like to shop, and are a bit more 'loose', whereas rats and mice no longer have an aversion of cats (because the parasite wants to be in cat intestine).
        It makes you wonder whether toxoplasmosis-infected individuals (I believe up to 30% of people have it in their brain) like cats because Toxoplasma gondii wants you to be nice to where it really, really wants to be (Cat-world).

        Yep. I've heard this too. Shame because I love cats. But my wife is allergic so we don't have any. Which is good. I guess. I still like cats though.

        Unless you're one of those owners like my neighbour who lets their cat wander around the neighbourhood all night. Those cats I would like to shoot with a rifle. Because how many animals are they killing every night?

          I agree cats shouldn't be allowed out at night and should all have bells and be desexed IMO

            Absolutely. And I think the irresponsible owners who don't do this should be fined.

            I never managed to break my cat to wearing a collar, she got it off too easy at the start. But she is Desexed and comes in at night for food and rarely escapes. Friends are just too easily outsmarted.

            A Cat kills an animal 4-5 days a week, less that 20$ of their kills are bought home as trophies.

        An unlikely source but Joe Rogan is relatively informed..

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