The Latest New Pokemon Is A Cold, Dead Thing

In the interest of appeasing those who would rather keep all of the new Pokemon coming in X and Y later this year a surprise, we've employed a time-tested technique of obscuring the latest reveal. It's a Ghost type. It's also a Steel type. And it'd be right-at-home in the hands of a DC Comics superhero. Who's that Pokemon?

Revealed today by game director Junichi Masuda via a video broadcast to the Japan Expo in Paris, this possessed sword is called — wait for it — Honedge. Nice portmanteau! He looks a little something like this:

Like the sword of DC Comics Character Katana, this sword is possessed by a departed spirit and can drain the energy of its enemies. That blue cloth? It's prehensile, and it's been known to wrap around the arms of unsuspecting trainers. Creepy.

Honedge can learn Sword Dance, a stackable move that ups attack. Ick. I guess they rhymed him with pwnage for a reason.

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y launch worldwide on October 12, 2013.


    To be honest I like the design of this poke. (although the visual design is a bit meh) I'm hoping my long awaited dream of Steel/Ghost will be realised!

    A lot of people have been asking for a steel ghost type over years from my experience in various pokemon forums believing it was impossible.

    IMO, I think Honedge is actually a really good approach to that type displaying both steel and ghost qualities.

    Not bad, hoping it'll have its own signature move, and fingers crossed the evolution will look like a badass sword.

    Makes me think of the Lilarcor from BGII. Such a fun weapon.

    This is a joke... they are meant to be pokemon. Living monaters. Not possessed monsters. If this is what we have to look forward to with x and y....... I will lose faith.

      You obviously have not paid much attention to many of the generation of Pokemon including the first stop trying to be all hipster with your "Old Pokemon are better designed and original" there are plenty of older Pokemon and new that do not fit your criteria for what a Pokemon should be. Stop whinging.

      I believed they're called "Pokemon" not "Livingmon"; monsters in your pocket

    Queue the whiners who go on about "new gen Pokemon designs are SO unimaginative!"

    Yeah, because gen 1 didn't have eggs, pigeons, snakes, bulls, or a purple blob with the most detailed face I've ever seen in a video game/ cartoon character.

    I've been playing Pokemon since blue and red. Even after it's initial release (nearly 15 years ago) I still love their new designs. I think it is amazing how they continue to reveal such fresh and innovative designs for their Pokemon.

    This is an awesome Pokemon idea, I love it. Cannot wait to see if it evolves or what other Ghost/steel themed Pokemon they come up with.

    Last edited 06/07/13 1:02 pm

      Thank you. Getting tired of people talking crap about new gen Pokemon.

      +1 word for word.

      Innovating's kinda pushing it for some of the designs but overall, most are still awesome

    How does Honedge rhyme with pwnage?

      Hone - Edge. The word Hone is pronounced Hoh-wn (I don't actually know how to write these...). Like Own.

    When do I get to catch the "Blender" pokemon..... or the "LCD screen" pokemon....

    Red and Blue... then the Fonz was water skiing and there was a shark tank.... You know the rest

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