The Legend Of Korra Book Two Airs This September


And here’s the trailer, which gives us a glimpse of Korra’s upcoming adventures — including new characters, enemies and locations. Seems very dramatic!

Are you pumped? I definitely am.


    • Keep in mind that they never even planned to do more episodes. Korra was only supposed to be a mini series and that’s it. Bryke and DiMartino have said if they had known they were going to be writing four Books instead of one, they would have adjusted the pacing.

      In any case, I’ve already seen the first episode. It’s looking pretty good. Prestojo, when the episodes air in the US, you can usually see them streamed if you’re worried about missing out. There are always some grey-er methods of watching, too.

      • Wait i sec. You saw the first episode! I don’t know why but i have to ask. On many websites talking about the episode i heard that there is s scene where Korra and Mako use water guns to play a game.

        Now than it might sound odd but i have to know. Do the guns look like anything like real firearms. If not could you please tell me what they look like. I just want to know what they look like so i can and see if the Avatar world are ever going to make firearms how far are they to making you. And so far this is the only lead. I am just a weapon nut who loves anything weapons as bad as it sounds.

        I am sorry for this rant but i just have to know if the guns look like anything that could be made into a weapon.
        Goodbye and i will thank anybody who respond to this post.

        • You’re cutting “water” from “water gun”. They’re water guns, that it’s it. The ones used by game booths in carnivals. God forbid they made such guns in Korra, even with the modernized era context That would totally take the fantasy feel away from it. Besides, bending > cooler than guns. If you’re an Avatar or Korra fan it’s presumed that you watch it for the bending.

  • Which means it won’t be available on the Australian iTunes store until February or March.
    They won’t even release the soundtrack for the first season here.

    I’m super excited, but the better part of me is thinking “Here we go again”.

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