The Most Convincing Argument For Playing Left 4 Dead 2 On PC Ever

Left 4 Dead 2 mods aren't new — we've written about some cool ones before — but this game by Hurricane333 manages to cram an absurd number of good mods together. So many mods, in fact, that this video is bonkers from the first second we see a raptor holding a baby weapon.

That's just the beginning. Then just about everything else on the internet or pop culture appears — from Daft Punk to Osama Bin Laden. It's amazing.

Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Features Daft Punk, Raptors, Space Jam, Randy Savage [Hurricane333]


    I've been using the velociraptor mod for some time now. Not sure if I'll ever go back.
    But shit, the Seinfeld one is the best one ever.

    Now if only there were a Seinfeld Left4Dead.

    Combine the Benny Hill music with Aliens and you have one serious money spinner.

      wasn't that called Aliens: colonial marines?

    I still give L4D2 a good run at least once a week.

      I did too, funnily enough. Thought I'd see what those new-fangled cards were all about.

      Unfortunately, I have the Australian version. It's really, really, really unsatisfying for your enemies to vanish into smoke without registering any feedback. Feels like I'm fighting hallucinations, not zombies.


        There's two things you can do.
        Download a patch called Left4Gore. Start that then start the game. It will be fully uncut. I've been using the patch for a number of years now, on two pc's at my place, never an issue.
        The old patch was called Left4Uncut, but after the last update it didn't work any more.

        The other option is to get someone to buy and gift to you the American version. The downside to this is you will have to create a new account be the censored version is already registered to your existing Steam account.
        I have two other accounts with American versions of the game for 'just in case'. They work fine too.

        If you want the American version co tact me on Steam. ID is warcroft_au.
        Or respond here to get the ball rolling.

          Thanks for the offer! So generous. :)

          I looked into patches to get around the censorship a while ago, but I'd read things saying that as far as Valve was concerned, it was a VAC violation and you'd lose access to your Steam account over it. Given the dollar value tied up in my Steam account, there is no way in hell I'm doing anything to jeopardize that.

          Getting a US copy is a good idea, though. I already have a couple guys I can rely on to trade things, so I might just get one of them to pick up a cheap copy at the next sale.

          Thing is, I'm a tad hesitant. One, I'm not sure if buying another copy will actually be necessary if they're able to patch the existing Australian version once their reclassification approval goes through. Two, if that approval does go through and some kind of extra purchase is required, I'd kind of like that sales data to show up. To say, in dollars, "Hey! This is a market, here! Let us buy things!"

            The reclassification will never happen.
            The Left4Gore patch is used by thousands and no one has ever been banned because of it.

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