The Most Deadpool Moments From Deadpool, Now In Motion

This is how Deadpool deals with the baddies in the beat 'em up game he stars in. The Deadpool game is basically one big comedy show, ripe for GIF-making. The game is full of madness, so we couldn't put up everything, but be sure to hit the comments and share those GIFs and videos that are not here.

Pictures: magitekarmor, r/deadpool


    No bad, but you are missing some of the most awesome ones,
    - Trying to eat the slice of Pizza
    - Some of the sneaky assassinations ( Especially the stabby stab stab sai one)
    - Cable chest squeeze
    - Sewer Slide
    and finally
    - Singing in the elevator

    Last edited 04/07/13 7:10 am

    Is that first GIF a reference to WRYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! ?

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