The Most Elusive Comic-Con Exclusive Winds His Way To Retail

Everyone knew Hasbro's Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave would bit hitting Toys'R'Us shortly after his debut at last week's San Diego Comic-Con, but that didn't stop fans from going crazy trying to get him.

Retailing for $119.99 at Toys'R'Us and appearing on store shelves as we (and speak, Masterpiece Soundwave made his North American debut at the Entertainment Earth booth at Comic-Con on Wednesday night — that's when I picked mine up. When the show started up officially on Thursday, EE decided to sell the piece raffle-style, with eager fans signing up for a chance to buy him. A chance.

I guess I can't blame them. I mean, look at this beautiful bastard.

I shipped my purchases home from Comic-Con on Friday, and they just arrived yesterday. It was like Christmas, only I already knew what I was getting, so exactly like Christmas then.

Soundwave is the product of a simpler time in Transformers lore, when mass-displacement accounted for size changing, and cassette tapes were a thing.

Soundwave was the home of little people and creatures. A xenobiologist might call them parasites.

Best parasites ever.

My favourites are Rumble and Frenzy, or Frenzy and Rumble, depending on who you believe.

But you gotta love the detail on the birds, from the tiny camera popping up on their foreheads, to the way they peg into Soundwave's forearms.

Masterpiece Soundwave has transformed from San Diego Comic-Con exclusive to Toys'R'Us exclusive. He's a little pricey, but with five cassettes, a Megatron pistol, and a plastic Energon cube you can affix to his chest to simulate his primary function in the 80's cartoon, the unchrasamatic wonder is so worth it.


    ....... BRB Checking Toy's R us!!!!

    Soundwave has always been my Fav transformer, i hated what they did to him in the movies.

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      American Toys R Us, i dont think we will see it in retail here, ebay away, to pay 2-3x the price

        i have grabbed previous US toys r us exclusives here, so it is a possibility.

        yeah i was trying to order from US, turns out it sold out within a Day :( next shipment due in August.

      He has the coolest voice in the franchise, and they fuckin' butchered it.


    I have the starscream masterpiece transformer. It's really nice.

    Wait till early to mid 2014. That's when it'll hit shelves if the previous releases are anything to go by

    shut up and take my money...
    megatron gun included!!!
    will go awesome with my MP-03

    I would probably call them symbiotes given that they did have an actual function rather than just leaching energon.

    So mine. Price is irrelevant.

    Side note, Ravage looks a little strange. His head seems quite long.

      Ravage isn't transformed right - you can see his front paws are upside down.

      looks totally wierd and the tail is really short.

    this is pretty awesome! is it coming to AU toys r us, does anyone know?

      Hasbro's Masterpiece Soundwave is indeed headed to Australia :) - TRU AU will be receiving their stock in November, details via this link: courtesy of Australia's largest Transformers fan community website; ;)

    So is he a functional MP3 player and the cassettes functional SD cards? That's what I've wanted from a soundwave/blaster toy ever since flash based MP3 players became good enough to be useful

    @bazuden The way they made his voice in the 80's was to do a Dr. Claw voice, then apply a synth like Vocoder. In the first episode of Transformers they forgot to apply the Vocoder, so Soundwave sounds like Dr. Claw. Perhaps his voice in the movie was relating to that?

      Frank Welker was the voice actor for Dr Claw and Soundwave (also the original Megatron and about a thousand or so more characters in cartoons). He just reprised his role for the film. Just without the voice modulation.

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