The Most Intense Way To Play Minecraft

Couple Minecraft with the Oculus Rift headset and the Omni, that virtual reality treadmill that allows you to walk around naturally in a game, and you're bound to get one of the most immerse experiences (currently) possible in video games. You can see what playing with that sort of setup would be like in this video by Virtuix Omni — which it demos in multiplayer, no less.

What do you think, would you play Minecraft like this? Seems like a good way to lose weight at least.

Virtuix Omni - Minecraft Multiplayer [Virtuix Omni]



      The difference is that American Kotaku staff (such as Patricia Hernandez, author of this) don't see Australian Kotaku articles (like the previous one, written by our favourite Mark Serrels).

        Why do the American staff even post on the Australian site...?

          The parent company retains the right to post on their child sites as far as I understand it.

            Kotaku AU is owned by Allure, whereas Kotaku US is owned by Gawker. I believe that Kotaku AU is required to repost a certain percentage of US stories in exchange for using the name. Sometimes Mark will choose to omit stories that are completely irrelevant to AU readers, but it means we sometimes get stuck with very similar articles if Mark has already written something up that a US writer decides to write about later.

              Du hast den Kapitalismus lieben ...

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