The Must-See League of Legends Match Of The Weekend

The Must-See League of Legends Match Of The Weekend

Over the weekend, many professional League of Legends, StarCraft II and Call of Duty players convened in Anaheim, California, to compete in Major League Gaming’s Spring Championship. But one of the most riveting battles involved American pro Xpecíal’s incredible, 40-minute play displaying some of the most impressive unit-control and micro-management I’ve seen.

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to follow the whole MLG event, or to rewatch hours and hours of content from multiple streams, we put together more highlights below.

StarCraft II and League of Legends Championship winner spoilers ahead!

Although the current top Korean players — like Innovation, Flash or Soulkey — didn’t participate, Championship Sunday had some pretty exciting matches and even some eSport drama.

A Surprising Winner

Swedish protoss player NaNiwa proved several times that he can win against top Koreans on foreign grounds, and even though PvZ (Protoss vs. Zerg) is not Brood War legend Jaedong’s best matchup, NaNiwa’s 2-0 against him still was a surprise. Here are the two games they played against each other.

Trash Talking In A Pre-Game Interview

The drama factor reached maximum level before the semi-finals, where NaNiwa fired some shots against one of the best Korean terrans, Polt. The drama starts at 5:24.

Starcraft II Grand Finals

After beating NaNiwa, Polt was about to face his former Korean teammate Hyun in a Best of 5 TvZ (Terran vs Zerg) finals.

The first game definitely worth a watch, with ultralisks and battlecruisers firing up the late-game.

The fourth game turned out to be an exciting one too, where both players made some surprising errors, which is something that’s unusual at this level.

In the fifth game, Polt was able to take out Hyun’s expansions rather quickly with precise drops, securing his first major championship in America.

The Must-See League of Legends Match Of The Weekend

Moving onto League of Legends territory, American pro Xpecíal’s incredible play made the match between Curse and Team SoloMid one of the best ones during the weekend. Check 13:45, 18:27 or 19:00 for some amazing micro management and gameplay.

League of Legends Grand Finals

The replays for the League of Legends Best of 3 finals between compLexity and FXOpen are also up. That’s almost three hours of intense action featuring FXOpen’s win in this year’s MLG Spring.

This Doesn’t Usually Happen

The production team cut from gameplay to zoom into the shoutcasters at an awkward moment. You can see them standing in excitement, which isn’t how we usually see them on display.

And the “Best sign of the weekend” trophy goes to this guy.

The Must-See League of Legends Match Of The Weekend

Did you watch the games over the weekend? Which one was your favourite?

Pictures: empthebeast, starcraftislife


  • No mention of CLG vs TSM? That was one epic match that went down to the wire and had an epic finish to boot.

  • For Starcraft 2, the HyuN vs Polt games weren’t anywhere near as good as the HyuN vs HerO games from a little earlier. Those were insane.

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