The New Age Of Star Wars Tabletop Role-Playing Begins Today

West End and Wizards of the Coast had their go. Now it's Fantasy Flight Games' turn at tackling Star Wars tabletop role-playing, and they're off to a gruff and gritty start with Edge of the Empire. Who wants to be a bounty hunter?

Rather than attempting to represent the length and breadth of the Star Wars universe in a single product, Fantasy Flight is tackling three different aspects of the setting with three different core sets, the first of which officially launches this week.

Edge of the Empire is all about living on the outer rim. It's charming smugglers and deadly bounty hunters. Who could ask for anything more?

In 2014 the line expands with the Rebel-centric Age of Rebellion, and then come the Jedi in 2015 with Force of Destiny. That's nice. I want to be a smuggler. More than that, I'd like my old tabletop role-playing group back, so I'm not just filling out a character sheet and then crying over it for hours.

The Core Rulebook, dice and Game Masters Kit for Edge of the Empire are now available at Fantasy Flight's website and wherever such things are sold.


    Looks pretty cool, now if only I had some geek friends to play it with.

      Just search around, my friends and I ended up playing D&D after joining another group at Good Games.

    Oh and look... they've made a game with proprietary dice :\

    Soooo preferred it when you could either use D6/D20's or the D100 system. Have played a few games with proprietary dice, they're always so expensive :(

      I believe the rulebook comes with a conversion chart so you don't need to buy the dice.

    Huh, I thought this was all ready out. I've seen it on the shelf at my LGS for the past month.

    Honestly, if this game is as messy as FFG's rules for the Warhammer 40k RPG's (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Black Crusade, Deathwatch, Only War), I'll skip it, thanks.

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