The New Is More Like Origin, Only For Blizzard Games

Given the popularity of World of Warcraft, StarCraft and... Diablo III(?), millions of people spend a lot of time using Blizzard's launcher. If you're one of them, you might want to check out this video, showing the new, updated version of it.

There have been screens floating around for a few weeks now, but this is the first video I've seen of it in action. As HuskyStarcraft says early on, the biggest and most important thing is the centralisation of the whole business, turning it into basically Blizzard's version of Origin.

Plenty more details in the vid though.



    This has been in the works for a while, since they started developing the social experience and cross-game integration. Comparing it to Origin and Steam isn't really fair, it's just a unified launcher for Blizzard games, instead of there being a separate one for each game, and with a few extra planned features like letting you access chat from the desktop. It really has very little in common with Origin at all.

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      Well, the next closest thing out there at the moment to compare it to would be uPlay. And I wouldn't wish that comparison on anyone.

    I want to say I'm going to go home and uninstall Starcraft 2..
    But I wont..
    I Definitely won't be running that client if I'm not playing SC2.. Which isn't often.
    Bugger having that running in the background.

    As someone with WoW, SC2 and D3 installed... I like this idea. I'll no longer have to login to each game individually, I login to the launcher and it'll let me straight into my games. It'll also keep them all patched.

    I just hope Blizzard make it optional for those that don't want it.

      It seems like it'll be a decent thing if it at least lets you update all of the games at once when you go to bed and queue them up instead of having to do each game's patcher on a different day, because for some reason they refuse to run at the same time as each other.

      i'm beta testing this at the moment and i love it.. i can switch between SC, D3 and wow no worries, it saves all my logon passwords (this can be disabled) and does all my updating. it's awesome.

    Between my Steam, Battlenet, Origin, Uplay, Stardock, Relic, Kalypso, Xbox Live, PSN, ncsoft, Trion, Bioware and 2K logins (there are probably more) I would just like to tell game makers to stop with this shit. Now!

      Yeah. Valve's Steam, EA's Origin, Ubisoft's uPlay, and Stardock's Impulse (no longer relevant - got converted into some kind of GameStop abomination) all occupy space on my PC (with some objections - especially in the case of Origin and uPlay) and fight for my attention.

      Only Steam wins, though. The others are used with an amazing sense of resentment.

      This is just like the way publishers have always treated the Start Menu in Windows. Oh sure, I ALWAYS go looking for that game I want to play by knowing which sometimes-obscure publisher made it! Talk about egocentric/deluded. No guys. I don't categorize things by publisher. I put GAMES in a GAMES folder, and go looking for the game I want to play. Publishers WISH I looked for games by publisher.

    It's a launcher which probably means it closes in the background just like WOW's launcher. It's no difference except you launch one instead of multiple. It's not the same as origin.

    Will it let me talk with my Real ID friends when I am NOT in WoW, Starcraft or Diablo? If so i'd actually consider having it run when not running on of their games. It sounds like a good idea IF Blizzard execute it properly.

      Saving use of RealID for when they allow some kind of 'invisible/offline' status. Sometimes you just wanna disappear, y'know?

    I played WoW from the day it released till cataclysm came around. I never had any problems with my accounts till they forced me to used battle net. It was promptly hacked several times. Each time it was restored, the password was changed. I had several accounts and all were breached after moving to battlenet. About the same time they started to peddle their stupid authenticator they wanted to charge you money for. Coincidence ? Possibly, but I'll never play a battle net game again. Its was also the only game of so many which ever got hacked.

      Why didn't you activate 2 step authentication or add an authenticator either the FREE phone app or over priced key chain version...?

      I only started using an authenticator last year, but before then I never had an issue, I always used an email that was just for and picked a password that was complex enough it was going to be difficult in a sense to guess or whatever.

        The fist hack was pretty much a couple of days after having being pushed to battlenet. After years of playing trouble free, suddenly a shift to battlenet and i'm pretty much immediately hacked. Passwords were changed and to a sufficient difficulty, yet it was still hacked.

        From what I remember at the time, I believed that it was some flaw in their system that was being used to access the account. I even believed that it was done with inside help being paid off by farmers. Its all speculation and conspiracy theory of course, but I couldn't see a reason why it was so easy to hack with such a complex password several times. In the end I gave up.

        Maybe people really want your account so badly now that they'll go to great lengths to get it. I will note though, that it seemed my payment details were secure. They would just log in strip my characters and take all the gold. Sound familiar ?

        I've played many other games before and since WoW and never had any problems with only a single level of authentication and I'm a pretty old gamer. My point is, that if your information and the servers are secured enough, this kind of thing shouldn't really happen. Of course there are exceptions and maybe I was that exception. Still it left me with a bad taste in my mouth and I won't use anything to do with it again. Personal choice though.

          And yet, you didn't use two factor authentication after the first time you were hacked. I agree, it shouldn't happen at all - but the Internet is not a secure system. You can argue that it was fine for years, but you really should be taking some ownership yourself and making your account as secure as it can be - which you didn't.

          I thought it would have been caused by battlenet forcing you to use an email account to login instead of a username.

          Suddenly all the harvested email details people had created on fan sites using the same password they used for everything became a valid way to login to an account.

    I don't mind the idea but I believe it is worth saying that in the 8 years that I played WoW I never really "used" the launcher. It was an additional step I was forced to take and something I spent only as much time as I had to in. Like paypal, I use it not because it is safe or easy to use, but because I have to.

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