The New Kinect Means You Won't Have To Enter Codes On A Control Pad

The Kinect is mandatory on the Xbox One — which means that one of gaming's most annoying facets, entering a million codes every time you buy a new game, doesn't have to exist according to Microsoft's Marc Whitten.

Why? Because you'd just be able to scan a QR code in! Easy. We've contacted Microsoft to ask if there are any plans to actually implement this, and will update as soon as we hear back.

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    Yay! This was something I thought was obvious when they first mentioned how integral codes were going to be to their next console, but I never saw it mentioned anywhere. Glad to hear that they have thought of it (even if the codes are now less important).

    I'm afraid I can't let you enter that code Dave. (Eventually this joke will get old, but for now I shall keep using it...)

    what's the point of codes now that the DRM is apparently no more? If games are attached to the disc to allow for used-games, then there's no need to install with a key.

      Same reasons they exist in the current generation: pre-order/new game bonuses and giveaways.

    I wonder why they never implemented this as an option on current consoles for people who have the relevant camera accessory?

    Still doesn't make it okay to force the Kinect on consumers. Plus I can't see this being all that useful anyway, how often do you type in a code?

    And im sure the PS4 and Xbox One mobile companion apps will also integrate this feature?

      Well with the original system, I would assume you'd need a code for every single copy of a game sold, so quite often.

      Unless you are all tinfoil hat about it, what does it matter if the Kinect is there or not?
      They aren't forcing anything on you as you still have the ability to buy something else or nothing at all.

        I love the idea of the Kinect being included with every console but there are concerns, especially when coupled with the always on/social centric nature of the XBOX One. If Need for Speed decides it should take a picture of the player every time they win a race and post it to Facebook/EA's Need for Speed website what's to stop them from doing it without even notifying you?
        As for gathering data, it sounds paranoid to be worried about it but Corporate America has developed an insane obsession with it. At some point they got it in their head that all data was extremely valuable and that if they're not gathering as much data on everything as possible they're losing out. If you walked into Microsoft and offered them data about the sitting styles of gamers they'd jump on it. I personally don't care if Microsoft know how I sit, but even tracking something like that is creepy and invasive.

          All data collection must be approved by the user and you can always turn settings off on the console to disable certain things (this will never satisfy people who don't trust it tho). I've said it many times, if data was being collected, someone somewhere would find out about it because there are paranoid tech people out there who would monitor all the traffic leaving the console and there would also have had to be at least some Xbox team members who knew about it to have written it into the console software and keeping something like that secret doesn't really work.
          Also, the sensor isn't just used for stuff like that, it tracks the controller via IR lights and reflectors to sync to users and change player positions for split screen etc.

        While it might not matter to you, do remember that the NSA has shown that Governments LOVE to have our data, and they've been pushing for back doors in every Microsoft product they can. So to you I might be a tinfoil hat person, but I'd really rather not have something that can watch my every movement, hear my ever word, and not be unplugged...

          You think that even if it were possibly happening with the Kinect (something that would kill MS as a company to actually spy on people) that the NSA or any gov agency has nothing better to filter thru the immense amount of data they get just to look at you?
          Are you an international arms dealer, drug smuggler or people trafficker?
          Because seriously its not remotely likely that situation could occur in the first place let alone your personal info be compromised.

        They are forcing it on you, what if you are a fan of the xbox 360 and a fan of the exclusive games, but do not care for the kinect at all and do not want to buy it. You have no choice. It has to be plugged in at all times for the console to even operate, and what for? no huge benefits what so ever.

        They are forcing something onto you in hopes that it will be accepted.

        Also not to mention what happens if your kinect breaks. the console won't operate and you have to buy a new one, even if you didnt use it in the first place and just let it sit there

    One of the things I was hoping for from Kinect was the ability to use voice commands to enter this stuff so I'm liking this. Voice recognition isn't a great way to interact with something, but when you're only using letters and numbers being able to just clearly read A-B-C-1-2-3 off a slip inside the cover of the game or from an e-mail works way better than using a gamepad and on screen keyboard. Going a step better by just using QR codes is great.

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