The Next Episode Of The Walking Dead Is Coming Out This Week

Wait, this week? Sweet! Telltale Games has confirmed to us that 400 Days, the next episode in its lauded The Walking Dead series, will be launching this week. The game will come to PSN on July 2, PC/Mac on July 3, and Xbox live on July 5. It will then be out on PSN in Europe on July 10 and on iOS on July 11.

The news was first reported by IGN, and we confirmed with Telltale as well. Tina had a chance to play the new episode at E3 and found that the tough decisions fly fast and hard, as usual. Looking forward to playing this one — we'll have some impressions of the game on the site soon.


    I'm going to wait till they're all out because those cliff-hangers are a killer.

      I wasnt really interested in the series, but when I finally got it I was thrilled to be able to play through it in one go.
      Bit like Game of Thrones. Only just bought the first 2 series last week. Now the 3 season has finished I can watch it all in one crack!

      I think this is just a special bridging episode between season one and two, just a one off thing.

        Yeah. It sounded like it was the start of a new season but then they said it was DLC for season one, so it might just be one off stories.

        Ah, in that case I'm all over this like a kind in a candy store.

    I don't think I can take that kind of emotional battering again.

    ....... i thought it was talking about the tv series, and started to get excited, then saw for ps3 xbox and pc and almost raged quit kotaku

      try it - it's way better than the tv series.

      Edit: and I don't dislike the tv series.

      Last edited 02/07/13 5:45 pm

        It's a totally different story & characters though, you're comparing apples & oranges..

        i am, just got it on the steam sales, i played a demo awhile ago that just had episode 1.

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