The Original Starter Pokemon Make A Case For Why You Should Pick Them

If (most) Pokemon could talk, I imagine that the start of all games would go down a little like this video by Shippiddge. Lobbying, arguing, childish fights, silliness — all so that you'll pick one specific Pokemon over the other one.

Charmander all the way, FYI. I'm a fire Pokemon kind of woman. The rock gym is just a temporary hassle!

Choose A Starter! [Pokemon SFM] [Shippiddge]


    Bulbasaur however is good for the first TWO gyms.

      Charmander, however, turns in to Charizard. Which is good against everything. Even water types.

        And is an awesome dragon (though not officially recognised as one but pfft).

          Still don't understand why he isn't.. I guess giving a pokemon 3 types is opening up a whole other can of worms though..

            The starter Pokemon have always formed a rock-paper-scissors relationship. Dragon is resistant to Grass, Water and Fire and absolutely ruins the relationship.

        Until he loses half his HP on switch in.

        Them sneaky pebbles are his bane.

    Ha, that was actually pretty good. I liked the voices, they seemed to fit well.

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