The Sims 3 Contains Death By Snoo Snoo

There are a lot of ways for Sims to feel pain, should their overlords on the plane of reality be so inclined. But until tonight, we weren't aware you could actually be 'WooHoo-ed' to death. Let us have a moment of silence for all of the crushed pelvises...


    I wonder if that is anything like 'snu snu' from Futurama.

    Maybe one of them was a werewolf and accidentally ripped their partner apart? :p

    One came, one left XD

    Puzzling thought, is it still necrophilia if they die during it? :| I guess Simlings don't care about that since they can do it with zombies :p

    Man. You would have to be very, very unhealthy to die from sex. And even then, it would have to take, like... weeks or something. Good sex marathons really only require occasional food, VERY FREQUENT hydration, and a few periods of rest. (Even then, not sure how you'd die. Maybe something, uh... ruptures, due to lack of adequate lubrication? Bleeding out there would be a pretty nasty way to go.)

      With all the variations of what people call sex and foreplay I'd say it'd be easy for some people to die from sex, heart attack, suffocation, starvation etc :-P

      Last edited 30/07/13 3:27 pm

        Yeah, I guess if they were getting a little TOO 'creative'...

        Celebrities have died enough from that, for sure. :)

    I do remember hearing a story of a 60 year old dying during sex In my area, Was with a hooker as well! So it is possible!

    This is not Sims 3, the interface is all wrong. It's been too long for me to remember if it is Sims 2, but I'm 100% this isn't Sims 3. I'm surprised it wasn't already mentioned... besides, the Sims 3 had lacked this style of macabre humor... much to my dismay.

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