The Walking Dead: AKA The Angry-Faced Conversation Simulator

Zombies are good and everything, but what we really crave is human interaction. Luckily Telltale Games have released this additional DLC which brings us a lot of new faces, choices and of course conversations to worry ourselves about.

To find out more about the land of depressed survivors watch the video I've created above.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is available now from Telltale Games, and it's quite good.

Music: Fig Leaf Rag, Dark Times Kevin MacLeod (


    The walking dead is one of my favorite game. It's really good to hear about bringing new faces. As it's available I'm gonna collect this version very soon......:):)

    I love this guy! His Crazy Taxi retrospective is hilarious.

    I enjoyed Walking Dead and look forward to the sequel. However I disagree about the game being about your choices, because no matter what 'choice' you make the story doesn't change with the exception of adding/subtracting characters that have been killed/abandoned/left/etc.

    Of course it would be insanely time consuming/difficult to come up with multiple divergent storylines (seems the possible results increase exponentially, trying to tie that up would be hard), so perhaps Im being a bit negative. As I say, I enjoy the game, but the choice making advertised didn't live up to the hype machine.

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