The Wonderful World Of Video Game...World Maps

Thanks to Attract Mode for pointing out Are We There Yet?, a site that's dedicated to collecting and showing off one of gaming's most important - and often cutest - aids, the world map. It's concerned mostly with older stuff, from the 80s and 90s, and covers everything from fighting games to old arcade titles to puzzle games.

Man, I'd forgotten how cool Art of Fighting's maps were.

Are We There Yet? [Tumblr]


    Rainbow Islands... Was that from a game of the same name? I remember playing a vertical platformer where you could deploy rainbows and you had to use them to get higher in the stage.

    Rainbow Islands is Bubble Bobble 2. Bub and Bob get turned human and shoot rainbows not bubbles.

      Oh snap! Thanks for that. Never new that was the case. I loved Bubble Bobble, was a bit young to experience in the arcades being born in 86 but I remember playing it at a bowling centre that had it in their little arcade. Played Rainbow Islands on a NES I think but never new it was BB2!

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