The World Needs A Kanye West Video Game

Today is the official release of Kanye West's music video for Black Skinhead, a song off his latest album, Yeezus. You can watch and interact with it here: the website lets you speed up and slow the song down, as well as take screenshots of a weird CGI Kanye.

Strange, yes, and yet in-tune with the inscrutability of Yeezus as an album. But beyond that, it's difficult to watch the video and not wonder what a Kanye West video game would be like. Maybe I've just got his Twitter rant about his company DONDA on the mind, because he did say he got some video game designers onboard. What have they been working on since then? Interactive music videos like this one, or...?

I for one think the video gaming world could use more Kanye West in it, and not just fan-games where he's a star of a JRPG or flash games that make fun of Kanye. Admittedly, this game about Tweeting as Kanye is really, really good, but even so, that's not what I'm looking for. I'm talking like, either games made by the man himself, or starring a fully rendered CGI Kanye West. Uncanny CGI West from Black Skinhead would do. It wouldn't even have to be some dexterity thing either, like "don't crash into this sign with your head." Can you imagine a The Walking Dead style game that mainly focuses on dialogue? You'd get to problem solve by saying things like "I am the nucleus." I would totally play that game.

I'm not sure what kind of game Kanye West would make — although I can't see him making some big blockbuster thing about shooting — but I'd play it. Maybe it would be a fashion game. Maybe it would be a bonkers video game; I could see him collaborating with Kojima easily, if not butting heads with Jonathan Blow. Kanye said it himself, once: "I want you guys to know and feel where my head is at." I can't think of a better way to get into the man's head than to play a video game about him/his life.

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    No it doesn't.

      Yes it does.

      Kanye West is this generations Andy Warhol.

        I seriously hope your joking.... Oh wait of corse you are, no one could ever take a comment like that seriously!

        0/10 Was not trolled.

          No trolling.

          The guy is an enigma. I can't figure out if he is serious or a complete caricature of himself.

            He is a full-on douchenozzle. Who even buys his effing albums?

        Only Kanye West himself would think this, you're fooling no one =/

      Can not stress how much i agree with you... holy crap... the world never needs this...

    Even if I did play this game, it's almost guaranteed that someone will interrupt me during my gameplay...

    Imma let you finish...
    ...But we all know the world doesn't need a Kanye West game.

      Imma gonna let you finish...

      OH CRUD! I can't go on! This joke is too old even for me!

    Somewhat related: I hate to admit it, I really do, but the 50 Cent game was semi-fun...

    *prepares himself for the public shaming*

    Sorry Patricia Ima let you finish and all that but we all know Michael Jackson had the best videogame EVAH with Moonwalker on the Megadrive!

      It pales in comparison to Britney's Dance Beat.

      I couldn't even write that with a straight face.

    Can you imagine a The Walking Dead style game that mainly focuses on dialogue?

    As opposed to The Walking Dead which mainly focused on dialogue?

    Patricia, it seems unless your articles focus on your ill-guided attempts to be the white knight for the 'save the homosexuals!' crusade (which doesn't exist btw except in your mind), your articles are somewhat... lacking in... well.... *everything*.

    No. No no no no. No. No no. No? No! Nope.

      Why aren't rappers shooting each other these days.

      Last edited 23/07/13 10:24 pm

        Because they're as gangsta as Barney The Dinosaur

          BAHAHAHAHAH Spat my fricken coffee... GG!!!

          Haha very good point :]

          I shoot you
          You shoot me
          We're as gangsta as can be

            With a great big plan,
            And an insult from me to you,
            We're gonna start shit,
            And both ride this hype train through!

    I enjoy his work, and found his latest album really took good artistic chances that tied in nicely with the social and personal commentary rife in the album and lyrics.

    Just saying.

    Why? So people can be charged $120 to look at a white screen?

      I get this reference. Nice one.

        Well, as long as someone got it... haha. :)

    Maybe if he's the villian, immaletyoufinish-ing other entertainers, and you play as Pink to VMA performance-cockblock him.

    The world needs a Kanye video game as much as it needs his plain white $120 T-shirts.... not at all.

      Makes me wonder how different his 120 dollar shirts are from the 5 dollar Bangladesh white shirts kmart sell..

        I really couldn't be bothered looking it up but I'd be surprised if the shirts were more than $2 each from china or wherever...

    I believe the game already has a working title: Egomaniac

    The only Kanye game I need.

    We already have the only Kanye game we'll ever need

    "black skinhead"... "yeezus"... talk about desperate for attention. What's the album cover some kind of inverted swastika .

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