The Xbox One Controller Costs $US60; The Headset Is $US25

The Xbox One Controller Costs $US60; The Headset Is $US25

Microsoft finally got down to officially telling everyone the official price of an extra Xbox One controller, and it’s $US59.99. The Xbox One’s headset — which isn’t included in the box — is $US24.99.

This is important because existing Xbox 360 controllers and compatible headsets won’t work with the Xbox One (Microsoft reasons that Kinect, included with every Xbox One, can already handle voice chat for you.)

You’ll get one controller in the Xbox One’s box. If you want an extra recharging pack, that will run $US24.99. For what it’s worth, EB Games in Australia is listing the controller for $78 on preorder and the headset for $28. Thanks user.dll!

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  • Australia price will be 89.99 for controller and 49.99 for headset.

    😛 my prediction

  • There better be a cheap adaptor for everyone who already owns an expensive wireless headset. Some of us are married to spouses who don’t appreciate loud violent gameplay and girly shrieks of terror (not just from me).

    • They recently changed the price tags for PS4 accessories and games to placeholder prices. Are these prices definitely confirmed?

      • Since they aren’t listed as placeholder prices, one would assume they are 🙂

  • I’d be interested to know how well the Kinect mic picks up a gamer’s voice over background noise. If you have your Kinect set up correctly you’re sitting at least 6 feet away. Would you need to be shouting at it in order for other gamers to be able to hear you? Nothing will beat a headset I’m afraid.

    Sony seem to have it the right way round with providing a headset with every console and making the Eye optional rather than putting a Kinect with every console and making people fork out for another headset. This seems to go with Microsoft’s business plan with their consoles though. Remember that you could only buy Microsoft hard drives to expand the space for your 360 whereas you could buy any harddrive for your PS3, Sony wouldn’t even see a cent of you doing that.

    It might seem like another ‘jumping on Microsoft for anything’ post, but they view their console as more of a cash cow than Sony do, even though Sony are the company in a much worse financial situation.

    As for the prices, existing controllers here came out at $99 didn’t they? I’d be, pleasantly, surprised if they’re cheaper than that for launch for either console

    • The Kinect can hear fine – it has noise cancelling.
      I used it once chatting over XBL whilst playing Kinect Sports as a test with the volume really loud to try and confuse it but the other person could only hear my voice and I was talking at a normal volume.
      Not sure why Sony and MS have flipped this time around regarding supplying headsets.

  • Microsoft representative got onto NeoGAF yesterday and hinted that the headset may come in the box afterall.

    Just another good 180.

  • The question is are you ever going to pay $US25 for the headset? I think the current one is officially like $19.99, but they give them away with as many things as they can in order to promote XBOX Live. I’ve got a dozen of the things and I don’t remember buying any. That does look like a superior headset that may cost more than $1 to manufacture, but it’s hard to tell with promotional shots.

    Does anyone know the PC compatibility of the controller yet?

    • Re PC compatibility, rumours say yes, but who knows at this stage.

      There are no wired versions or USB receivers yet, so it’s anyone’s guess, but there are mumblings of controllers connecting directly over Wifi, which could be awesome if it works with PC.

      • Thanks. I didn’t think they’d made any confirmation yet but there’s so much news to sort through it’s easy for a little detail like that to slip past my radar. I’m hoping connectivity works a bit better this time. The 360 controller was great once it was setup but requiring a reciever was a pain in the butt (although it still beats the DS3’s Bluetooth but no drivers issue).

        • I just used the USB Wired Controller. Loved it, but I can understand that wireless is better for some people’s situation.

  • Pricey, but totally worth it. All my Xbox Controllers are in great nick, even after all these years, and I use them for everything – Xbox gaming, PC gaming and emulation, Android gaming – again, a worthy investment.

    • I had my original controller for like 5 years before giving it a friend who needed another one (I picked up a silver twisty pad one and loved it) and in all the time I had it (I used it ALOT) I had only worn smooth the top of one thumbstick, not worn thru like some peoples I’ve seen and never understood how they did it… Do other people have sandpaper for thumbs or just push really damn hard?

      • Some people have rough skin/fingernails. I suspect fingernails are the main culprit, though, as I have very rough skin and I’ve only worn the 4 braille-style dots off the left thumbstick (however mine’s on my PC, so only gets used for certain games.)

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