The Xbox One Gets Lots Of Boos At EVO 2013

The awkward moment happened during a Killer Instinct demonstration at last weekend’s EVO, when console accessory manufacturers Mad Catz and Double Helix showed off their upcoming gadgets for the game. The Xbox One got mentioned and was booed off the stage.

Xbox One Gets Booed Out of EVO 2013 [YouTube, via Polygon]


  • Notice how they don’t pan to the audience and the distinct emptiness of the chairs on the left hand side of the screen? Big deal really. It’s probably like 50 Sony fanbois sitting up the back. The gaming press is getting really bad these days. Also I didn’t see them walk off stage FYI. So the description of this article is somewhat misleading. Kotaku taking tips from the Murdoch press these days?

    • id blame kotaku more, as this was probably more like a inside joke between the people who where just there setting up the stage then something serious.

        • Oh I’m sorry, did i bore you that much that you had to resort to the lowest common type of internet trolling?

      • I doubt that very much. If I was there I would have probably thrown fruit at these two chuckleheads the moment they opened their wanksta mouths…

    • Evolution. It’s the biggest annual fighting game tournament in the world, held in Las Vegas. The games include Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Streetfighter IV AE, Super Smash Brothers, Injustice: Gods Among Us… plus others I’m not sure.

  • I don’t understand, they changed all the DRM policies and people still aren’t happy?

    Gamers: Boo DRM!

    MS: Okay, no more DRM!

    Gamers: Go fuck yourself!

    TL;DR comments below: Doesn’t matter what MS did, listen to gamers or not, fuck them. I don’t see anyone questing the trust of Sony after they promised people being able to install Linux on their PS2’s then releasing a patch after launch that disabled this feature.

    • I was at the booing stage, around E3 time. But personally, after the DRM backflip, I’m at the ‘stony silence’ stage, where I would be staunchly resisting the culturally-drilled urge to clap disinterestedly but politely for any Microsoft presence.

      Trust is a funny thing. Once lost…
      You’re always going to be a lot more wary and resentful around someone who has threatened to do you wrong then walked back from it only after the threat of retribution. This is sensible and logical and an excellent survival trait.

      • “Upon this, one has to remark that men ought either to be well treated or crushed, because they can avenge themselves of lighter injuries, of more serious ones they cannot; therefore the injury that is to be done to a man ought to be of such a kind that one does not stand in fear of revenge.” – Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince (1513).

        They really shouldn’t have gone full retard with the DRM. It was far too late to reverse the damage done to their reputation and they will only regain customers who were only being held off by only that. It was very insightful of Jack Tretton to mention in an interview with Geoff Keighley during E3 that consumer trust is an important commodity and – once lost – is extremely difficult to win back. At this point, all they can do is rebrand and try to give consumers the best of both worlds. A slow burn, but a play they’re going to have to make.

      • So surely there’s no trust for Sony too? They’ve lied and burned gamers too, particularly releasing the PS2 with the ability to install Linux and even advertising this feature, then disabling it in a patch after release. Trust gone right? In fact, you wouldn’t trust a majority of companies since most of them have done wrong at some stage?

        One could argue that Sony has more right to not be trusted, considering they never reallowed the ability to install Linux on PS2’s, however MS did disable their DRM.

        • I’d say it’s less about doing bad things than it is about how you reached your decision to make right. Sony has turned around in the last year or so and decided to go gamer-friendly, with more support for indie devs, some outstanding value for money in the (significantly less ad-plagued than XBL) PS+ store, and were up-front about choosing the no-DRM/no-region-locking policies, BEFORE backlash forced them to do it.

          Microsoft reversed their horrific DRM approach only after it became apparent that they were getting absolutely butchered in the preorder sales.

          There’s a very big difference between moving forward with the right approach versus being beaten into doing it.

          • Both Sony and Microsoft have been proven liars and cheats and violated the consumer and artist. The truth is that gamer’s memories only go as far back as the last E3.

        • For God’s sake, it was the PS3, not the PS2.

          And the 4 people in the world who cared about linux cried for about 2 seconds before getting over it. The other 40 million who didn’t know/care/use it, didn’t bat an eyelid.

          • For what it is worth, you can run Linux on a PS2 too if you purchased the Linux kit from Sony (consisting of a hard drive and a special boot DVD). I wouldn’t be surprised if that kit still works, although having access to a 32MB MIPS system isn’t that interesting these days.

          • Couldn’t put it better myself. If you want linux, by a computer not a freaking PlayStation. Get over yourselves.

    • Why is it so hard to understand that gamers are still pissed that MS had the audacity to ‘try it on’ in the first place? I don’t know whether it was sheer arrogance thinking the market would just roll over and accept it, or if it’s that they view their customers with such contempt, but either way, they didn’t back-flip on the DRM because they wanted to, they did it because they had to.

        • Amen. Where does this deep seeded sense of entitlement with console gamers come from? It has to change one day really. If one segment of the marketplace has only single use keys then the other is going to have to as well at some stage. Admittedly the industry is at fault for allowing this for so long, but this lack of equality between PC and Console gamers has gone on long enough.

          I happily game on both PC/Console and if MS or Sony flipped the switch and went Steam like I would have 0 issues with it. Given that both of the new consoles install the game from a disk it’s only a matter of time. It’s nothing that a firmware update couldn’t implement in minutes…

          My only issue with the MS DRM strategy was the 24 hour check in. That was just plain stupid. Instead of cracking the shits and looking like complete dicks by caving into the whiners they should have just removed that and had an offline mode / online activation scenario.

          And I bet you Sony would have followed suit sooner or later as publishers would put pressure on them to level the playing field. But alas we’re stuck with the current state of play going forward.

          • Don’t be brainwashed by that way of thinking.
            Little by little, big companies are making moves to further benefit themselves and take away from the consumer. Remember SOPA and PIPA?

            The more people allow them to get away with things, the more they will push it. Look at how Sony got away with charging for PS+ almost unscathed because of this. Slowly consumers are being conditioned to accept the draconian policies and we’re the only ones that are losing.

          • Oh Jesus not another paranoid…Really? As far as I’m concerned if you’re not doing anything you shouldn’t be, what’s the big fuckin’ deal? “They” can monitor my shit all “They” like if “They” have got nothing better to do. I’m pretty sure boredom would set in in about 12 minutes…

            Anyone that uses any social media or rewards program has given away more personal info than they’re aware of. It honestly makes me laugh some days.

          • Meh… People have to justify that cool Che Guevara shirt they bought somehow… 🙂

        • Exactly how is it entitlement? Is paying for goods / services and having a certain level of expectation (in this case the expectation not to be treated like a pirate) around them not reasonable?

          • But you haven’t paid for any goods yet?? If you don’t want to be treated that way then don’t buy the damn thing.

          • That’s exactly what we did though. It’s pretty bloody hard to tell if no-one’s buying your product if they don’t tell you, though. So, because we wanted to buy the product apart from its problems, we told them what the problems were.

            And we did it by complaining, and – more importantly – pre-orders. They only did an about-face after they got told in the only language they understand.

          • Can I humbly correct you there? You told them what the “perceived/assumed” problems were. You never handled the system (nor were they convincingly relayed to the public). You can’t trouble shoot what isn’t experienced.

          • Correction failed. Perceived problems ARE problems. (And the humble part, judging by your downvotes of unrelated Simpsons quotes simply because it has my name on it. Petty little thing.)

            “If you don’t want to be treated that way, then don’t buy the thing,” was the statement responded to. A thing which I argued we didn’t buy. And then explained very clearly why we didn’t buy. The ‘you can’t have not-bought it because it wasn’t available’ argument is a complete failure, because we can buy – preorders. And you better believe preorders were being paid attention. I’m pretty confident they’re the primary reason for finally convincing the suits a backflip needed to happen.

            We actively didn’t buy, based on the perception of – not the implementation and experience of – these draconian, unnecessarily-restrictive, uncompromising bullshit DRM measures. That’s still a valid reason not to purchase.

            And an even better reason to complain before they are implemented, if you care about the product/franchise.

            What’s the logical point of waiting until the thing is actually implemented and set in stone to announce that it’s horrible, when you can tell up-front that the very concept itself is horrible?

            Gamers have an emotional investment in these products and franchises, which is very deliberate and by design on the part of the manufacturers. It’s incredibly stupid and naive to think they can then shirk the responsibility of wearing the natural drawbacks associated with that. We WANTED to like the xbone, but we couldn’t the way they were presenting it, and we told them very clearly why we felt that way, why we thought that way.

            Humankind learns through the ability to extrapolate. Only idiots learn not to swim in magma by experiencing it.

          • Consumers acted on the information available to them.

            When there were concerns about the new system they planned to put in place, journalists put those questions to Microsoft representatives. Those answers were often along the lines of “I’m not authorised to answer that”, “it is yet to be decided”, or “if you don’t like it, buy a 360”.

            When people reacted to that uncertainty by not pre-ordering the system, Microsoft changed tack. That was Microsoft’s decision, so I don’t know why you’d class it as an “entitlement” problem. If MS was sure that their new system was sound, they could have continued on in the hope that people would change their mind when the release got closer.

          • *edit* This post is in reply to mypetmonkey, looks like the branch limit has been reached.

            Yes and no.
            Prior to the policy change, Microsoft (eventually) explicitly answered questions on some issues (once per day check-in, geo-locking, only being able to transfer ownership of a game once), and were very vague on others (loaning / renting games, private sale of 2nd hand games, fees for sale of 2nd hand games).
            When they made the policy change, they also pulled the good features such as roaming profiles and family sharing – which was widely perceived as Microsoft not liking the public’s reaction, taking their bat and ball and heading home,
            Honestly, there is no reason they had to can everything. Keeping to good features in would have actually made the differentiation between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 into solid selling points. They already do it with their business software through Volume Licensing – the functionality, systems and processes are all already in place.

          • A console company can do whatever they like. Your “consumer rights” are the choice to buy or not to buy. All this bullshit with “audacity” “punch in face” “contempt” it’s all just entitled victim mentality.

            Oh we poor gamers (who trust no-one anyway), oh how we are wronged all the time! Who will think of us poor beaten gamers! Woah is me! Why is life so cruel!

            You expect a company to just ignore piracy because the gaming community is apparently on the whole good? “Hey please pay for your games but there is a way you don’t have to… But please don’t do that”…. Yeah fucking right… Place the blame on the console manufacturer instead (good plan).

            If they hadn’t folded this would have been forgotten in a year. Everybody has a whinge about change remember the GST? Holy shit the sky was going to fall down… Now? It is what it is. Sure they might have not busted out as big numbers but once the tin-foil hat brigade (I mean why would the NSA want to spy on you slack jawed controller in one hand dick in the other wearing your tin foil cap?) was muted by actual consumers that had purchased a console, we would have all settled down and gone “oh, okay then it’s not that bad”.

            Anyway DOOM AND GLOOM on if you must. Remember don’t trust Microsoft/Sony/Ninty/Apple/EA/Activision/Developers/DLC/Government/Gamespot/Bioware/Take2/Gearbox/Sega/IGN… They all want your money… The bastards.

          • You sound like one of those people who believes the free market solves everything, and consumers have no rights other than to buy, or not buy. Question, who are you to dictate how consumers choose to voice their opinion? Does talking down to gamers some how make you feel like a big man? Grow up…

          • Does sounding like you are oppressed make you feel rebellious?

            You are not a consumer if you don’t consume, that is pretty basic.

            Whatever… continue your little “hate train” with some deluded theory that you are bettering the gaming industry. All you have achieved is 2 identical products and addressed none of the real issues in the greater gaming console industry. Cheers.

          • You get me mypetmonkey. You really do…

            Sadly and a good thing all the same, is that gamers on the whole have short attention spans. Does nobody remember the absolute stink when Steam was first floated and all the poo pooing of online activations etc. Now look at the sonofabitch! 3-4 million users log in each day to suckle on Gaben’s teat! They must be so unhappy…Grow up kids!

          • Nope… Valve good… Microsoft bad… Valve good… EA bad…. etc etc etc

          • Yet another rebel against the invisible non-existent evil empire…

            Some of you have been gaming a bit too long. Need some imagined evil constantly plotting your demise.

            EDIT: It’s awesome now that my replies require “moderation” because of the anti-Xbone hate train downvotes…. very diplomatic.

    • Let me make an analogy.

      Me: I’m going to punch you in the face!
      You: I really don’t want you to do that.
      Me: Okay, I will no longer punch you in the face. Hey, why aren’t you expressing your gratitude? I’m doing you a favour!

      MS don’t deserve credit for not f**king with gamers. At very best, they can hope for a neutral response at this stage.

        • His analogy was perfectly apt. But, if it’s hyperbole you want:
          Xbox One President Hitler: I’m going to kill you and your family and fuck all the corpses.
          Wheelchair Orphan Little Timmy: Please don’t, I’m already having such an awful time with the AIDScancer.
          Xbox One President Hitler: Okay I won’t do that. NOW BOW DOWN TO ME.

          • To quote a fellow Kotaku poster last time this dumb analogy was brought up:

            “@redxian JUNE 20, 2013 11:59 AM

            Assuming for a moment that the policies are a punch in the face (i’ll get to why it isn’t later). Microsoft only stated they intended to do it. So in that circumstance case it would be like someone telling announcing they are going to punch you in the face. You tell them don’t and they respond “Ok”.

            The “punch in the face” is not really valid analogue either, because its ALL negative with no positive effects at all. I think you’d have a hard time justifying that Microsoft’s policies were all negative. There were some pretty damn cool benefits in there.

            If anything, Microsoft is the doctor with the bad bedside manner trying to give us a vaccine that they say will help us, but we’re too focused on the side-effects to accept it.”

            Additionally…. Hitler…. Really?? But that was some might fine hyperbole.

    • If Microsoft want their gamers back, getting rid of their mistake is a start to the process, not the end of it.

      The DRM was a disincentive, i.e. it gave you a reason to not buy an Xbox One, so more-or-less definite buyers became not-buyers. Removing the disincentive doesn’t reverse that effect. You’re example is a corollary – removing an incentive, i.e. taking away a reason to buy a PS2, turning a possible buyer into a possible not-buyer.

      If someone made the objective decision to not buy one solely on the basis of the DRM, then you would expect them to switch back. But, many appear to have made the decision based on the DRM and the apparent intent Microsoft displayed regarding gamers and gaming. With the DRM gone, the intent is still there. So many of those angry about the DRM haven’t gotten what they wanted: trust. Microsoft has to earn that back.

  • The title is misleading.

    The crowd is booing the exclusive nature of the KI title to Xbox, not MS or Xbox itself.

      • The gist is correct. A lot of people would like to play Killer Instinct, but a lot of people also do not want to buy/support an XBone. This then means that they have to either not play KI or go against their dislike of Xbone because they want to play KI more and probably buy new arcade sticks for the Xbone(and probably PS4 too since that’s what most gamers seem to be getting) and basically spending a crapload of money.

        I’m not really interested in KI, but this is how I feel about Dead Rising 3. I am quite opposed to “aggressive” DRM and this is why I never bought Sim City although I was keen to when I first heard about it(dodged that bullet). If M$ didn’t pull the DRM thing to begin with, I would have been interested and the issue then would have been price(I had bought an Xbox360 first and only bought a PS3 much later). The fact that the PS4 seems like such a clear console choice means that the decision is easy for most gamers… but whether you’re in the position where you either can’t afford 2 systems or you choose to boycott the Xbone because of the DRM slight, it sucks to lose out. It’s like having to make a choice between saving one of two boats… and all of your friends and family are on the seaworthy boat, but you have one good friend on the sinking one that you can’t save and just have to watch drown. Boo!

        • I personally am quite the Halo fanboi (even worse, it’s for the lore and single-player, not the multi – I know, right?), and missing out on all that Master Chief goodness is really going to suck. Not looking forward to that, but y’know. The curse of voting with your wallet, right?

  • Ahh kids these days. No respect. Even if you don’t like something, it is better to show your disappointment with silence rather than immature booing.

    • Comment of the year 🙂

      PS> I award this title out frequently so don’t expect a trophy any time soon… but for this very moment, you are the funniest person on the internet 😉

    • “Were you people saying ‘boooo’ or ‘x-booooox’?”
      “BOOOOOOOO!” *things thrown*
      Moleman: “I was saying x-boooox…”

      • Hahaha. I just forgot the second part of that gag. Thanks for reminding me =D such a classic Moleman moment.

  • Yeah, they were boo-ing the fact that Killer Instinct is exclusive rather than just the fact that Xbox One was mentioned. But I guess that’s a lot less dramatic.

  • I hate anyone who doesn’t have the same opinions as me and I will make it my life’s mission to bore that person (and anyone reading) to death with my repeating stance on something I desperately care about. Thank you.

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