There's A Game Called Turd Birds. OK.

Added to my lexicon of phrases to use when I'm angry or frustrated and can't drop an f-bomb, it's Turd Birds, available on iOS and Android today from Cat Daddy Games and 2K Games. Turd Birds.

Surely this is not a game about birds shitting on things. Let's see what the official announcement has to say about Turd Birds:

The latest mobile title from Cat Daddy Games, Turd Birds takes fans on an adventure seeking various pedestrians, friends, and treasure boxes to splat with bird turds. As players progress, so do the settings and obstacles, which range from beaches and construction sites complete with UFO’s, to residential neighborhoods and city streets streaming with zombies.

It's a game about birds shitting on things — a free game about birds shitting on things. You can even connect to Facebook to port your friends' pictures into the game and shit on those. I think I might be down with that.

You can get Turd Birds on Google Play, the Amazon App Store or on the iTunes App Store, where Apple's strict content policies have caused the game to be listed as T**d Birds.


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