There’s A New Ace Combat, And It’s Coming To The PS3

There’s A New Ace Combat, And It’s Coming To The PS3

The trailer up top was released by Namco Bandai to announce the newest title in the Ace Combat series of flight-action games, called Infinity.

It looks like the game will be centered around a global apocalypse of some sort, brought on by an asteroid. A chronometer also appears briefly, flashing from 1869 to 2019, perhaps giving us a hint about the timeframe Infinity takes place in.

Currently, Ace Combat Infinity has been announced only for the PS3 in Japan. No word on a release date, neither Western nor Japanese, just yet.

Here’s a few screengrabs for you folks to speculate about:

Ace Combat Infinity [Official Website]


  • Was Ace Combat the one with those cool anime character elements and plots back when it was on PS2?

  • oooh! I hope the asteroid has aliens and Harry Connick Jnr as the panicking wingman.

  • I hope it’s not going to be like Assault Horizon, or it can take a long walk off a short pier.

  • Assault Horizon was like Modern Warfare, this looks like Black Ops 2- taking it into a near-future situation.

    I don’t want either, I want to go back to the not-our-Earth of previous AC games 🙁 AH really wasn’t very good, I got so frustrated with its design even on normal (despite finishing AC6 on the highest difficulty…) .

    Oh well, as long as it has IdolM@ster plane skin DLC I guess I’ll buy it.

  • Wierd sound effects, but did anyone else also get an electroshphere vibe because of it? Also assault horizon is more comparable to a sequel due to its unique game engine, additionally future elements were done really well in AC3.

  • Is it me or does the seventh picture look like the missile launch bays of the Aigaion from AC6?

    Hmm…. seems like this is going to be another “realish earth” ones. AH was meh, but hopefully this one might be good. IMHO the thing they most need to get right is the story. AC without a good story is just another flight sim.

    but, all in all, i’d prefer another game set in the ‘sidereal’ world.

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