There's A New Ratchet & Clank Game For The PS3

Not content to let the console fade away without one last Ratchet & Clank game, Insomniac have announced Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, which will be out later this year and will cost $US30.

Insomniac are pitching it as a traditional Ratchet & Clank game, while a Vita version is yet to be confirmed.

More at IGN's preview below.

Traditional Ratchet and Clank Is Back With Into the Nexus [IGN]


    This is so awesome. I love this game, it's designed to be fun. I have my doubts about the Vita version frame rates.

    So AU$90?

      Which is fine after u factor in the actual reasons why it's slightly more expensive

      Last edited 13/07/13 8:13 am

    Also happy about this, this is billed as an epilogue to ACiT, so it makes sense that this finishes on the PS3.

    that being said I have no dramas if the ending of this game leads into the Movie (2015) and obviously game tie-in on the PS4.

    "Going Commando",
    "Up Your Arsenal",
    "Size Matters",
    "Tools of Destruction",
    "Quest for Booty",
    "A Crack in Time",
    "Full Frontal Assault",


    and now ... "Into the Nexus" ...?

    Is that a pun? A play on words? I can't really find it...I mean maybe Nexus could be...? Hmm, not really very strong. All I really cared about was the double entendre! :(

      Into the Next-Ass?

        ahh, it required... pronounciation... okay, okay. Well, good enough I suppose. Still, it's no "Up Your Arsenal".

    This announcement was one of the biggest disappointments from Sony in years. Like who gives a rats about a current-gen R&C game..... Could have at LEAST made it next-gen, oh wait, Insomniac won't be making Sony games next-gen.

      Well... I would prefer a "full on" ratchet game on ps4... Something about $30 and "bigger than ffa and quest for booty but smaller than crack in time" doesn't sit well with me...

      At least its traditional ratchet again. Thats enough to be happy for.

      Last edited 12/07/13 11:52 am

      Lots of people care about R&C. Especially since the Future series is one of the best games on the PS3.

      I'm not impressed at all by their new franchise. R&C has huge potential to grow as a game even on next gen platforms, and if Insomniac doesn't someone surely will, jump at the oppertunity.

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