There's An HD Version Of Soul Calibur 2 On Its Way


    That fucking title grammar...

      It's a perfectly cromulent use of 'an' before an initialism which begins with the sound of a vowel, though this does depend if you pronounce H as "aitch" - as it was intended - or the proletariat "haitch".


        age old aitch vs haitch argument.

          "An" is only used before Vowels

            Except the 8th letter of the alphabet is pronounced "aitch", not "haitch", so the title's grammar is correct and you're the one that's wrong.

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    It's clear why there is no Wii U version, but if it's a straight port then why no Wii version? It would need less done to it compared to the others and with the massice Wii base it is sure to sell something.

      While the Wii has a huge install base, I don't know if it's actually selling too many games these days? There also doesn't seem to be much point doing an HD version of a game for the Wii which is not a HD console. Especially when the Wii is backwards compatible with Gamecube anyway, so anybody who wants it can just hunt down the GC version and it'd be exactly the same.

        It wouldn't be HD but they can still get it out to more people.
        And I guarantee you, if it came to Wii it would sell. It would at least make a profit.

    So... no Link? I'll just keep playing my GameCube version, then.

      I would buy this if it had Link, come on, the Wii U can handle this shit!!!

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    Does anyone even care about this? Soul Calibur is a tired franchise.

      I love me some Soul Cal, I just can't fathom why they'd bother with an HD version of 2. It doesn't offer anything you can't get out of a more recent version.

      If it were Soul Blade we'd have something. That's still the best.

        Are you kidding me????!!?! I want to punch each and every one of you for saying anything bad about it... SCII was the best in the series!!! a hd remake is the best news I have seen in a long time, I'm dissapointed about the lack of Wii U version because link was the best exclusive character buuuut ill settle with Spawn if they do him again... Jesus sooo many cynical dickheads on the net, now all we need is a Nolf2 HD remake and I'm happy

      Because it's Soul Calibur II, yes. SCII is largely regarded as the pinnacle of the series before it started going downhill somewhat.

      It is disappointing though that it appears to be an HD port of the PS2 version for both the PS3 and 360, so we don't get Link OR Spawn, but we still get that broken of all broken characters Necrid.

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    Wasn't the GameCube version of 2 the one that sold the most copies?

    Why they don't re-release it for Wii/Wii U, not only did they do Link very well but he's pretty much the perfect fit for the Soul Calibur franchise.

      Yeah, Nintendo fanboys went nuts for Link. I know I was one of them :P

      Imagine if they actually did a HD remake of the GCN version, then added in Ganondorf...

    Was hoping the Wii U would be included on that. I love SC2, I was an idiot and traded it in for SC3, and now I can't get it any more... I just haven't enjoyed any of the later games as much.

    Honestly I’d be happier with a proper re-release of the Dreamcast version of Soul Cailbur on the 360.

    It was released on XBL about a fortnight before the 300mb (or whatever it was) limit was removed for XBL Arcade games.
    The version they released was essentially a base version of the Dreamcast game, with the story mode removed and still running in the old-school aspect ratio.

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