There's Another New Pokémon 3DS XL, You Know

Nintendo isn't releasing one new jumbo-sized Pokémon XY 3DS handhelds for Japan; it's releasing two new 3D XL units. Previously, Kotaku posted the blue and black one that features two new legendary creatures — Xerneas and Yveltal.

Here's the other! It's in "Premium Gold" and only available at Pokémon Center retailers in Japan this October when the game is released.


    *sigh* How many special designs have we missed out on now? 15-16?

      Yeah, it seems a bit weird. I would have thought a design would have been more viable if it was spread to wide audience rather than a small fraction. I'm happy with my normal 3DS but this would seriously tempt me to lash out on the upgrade.

    Screw you Nintendo. Lift your game. We'd spend lavishly on a Pokemon 3DS.

    If you look at the map of the world and notice that big land mass, that's called Australia. It has a population on 23 million and is the highest paid people in the world. So time to bring some of this cool stuff for our money to spend on.

      While I'd usually support this type of pro-Australia rhetoric, I'd like to point out that in 2011, Australia has a population of 22.32 million while Japan has a population of 127.8 million. i think we're kinda out numbered lol

        What about the US then? Why aren't they being released there?

          They argue that the higher wages in Japan vs the US at times and as consumers of electronics we spend more than the US.

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