There's More Little Witch Academia Coming

Little Witch Academia, an animated short released by Studio Trigger in April, was one of the year's most charming surprises. Think Harry Potter, except Japanese — and way, way cuter. It's difficult to watch the short and not come out wanting more — and amazingly, it seems that's going to be a possibility.

Today, Trigger tweeted the following:

The announcement happened during the Anime Expo currently going on in LA. Not much more is known at this point, aside from there now being

Haven't watched the short? You should!


    don't think much needs to be said other than YES!

    That short had enough lore and character/plot development crammed into it to last a full length movie. I'd love to see more.

      I'd love to see more, but I'd like to see them take their time with it.

      Like you said: the short had enough in it for a full-length movie. Feels kinda like they shot their wad.

    I didn't watch the short until i saw this article on kotaku, so thanks heaps, it was great and im really looking forward to more

    just watched it during my lunch. was impressed and i wonder what else they will do with it.

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