There’s So Much Room For Activities In Grand Theft Auto V’s Open World

There’s So Much Room For Activities In Grand Theft Auto V’s Open World

Yesterday’s gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V revealed a lot about the game, including the map and all the activities we can do in addition to the main story. Since the whole map is open from the beginning, unlike the previous games, there will be a lot to tempt us away from the main game (even if we don’t know about them all just yet).

So let’s see all these awesome things that are hopefully out there awaiting.

The first and most obvious one is to explore the whole map, with a fast car…

…or flying.

Speaking of flying, we can probably drop down and check all the bridges right away and hopefully be more fortunate with easter eggs than in GTA: San Andreas.

At the top of that giant mountain that we’ve all seen in the latest trailer is a really oddly-placed shack. What could be there? Worth a look right at the beginning.

One of the first things I’ll probably do is to search for our home from GTA: San Andreas: Grove Street.

After that I’ll hit up the countryside and search for Bigfoot. Haven’t found it in San Andreas, maybe this time.

So much room for activities!

And maybe after doing all of this, I’ll finally start the first mission. Will you go for the main story or for more of what’s listed above? Hit the comments and show us!


  • Look, I’m going to be honest. As long as I can run down hundreds of civilians while giggling maniacally I’m happy. I’m a simple guy that way.

  • To be honest, i dont know if i’ll ever finish the missions, all i like to do is dick around and it seems that the whole map is open from the beginning.

    I doubt Rockstar will make everything unlocked at first so in order to do some activities you probably make it thought at least 50% of the game.

    • Maybe itll be like SA where activities were available at different stages of the game: Gang Wars early on, that mission whete you hunt the drug couriers in the midpoint etc

    • They said it’s been greatly improved. More responsive, less like driving a brick on sponge-like suspension.

  • I usually do a few missions and then will run round trying to find random stuff. Maybe a round of golf and then try to steal a plane from somewhere

  • armed to the teeth then see how the cities finest deals with a muderous psychopathic trio – amongst things like flying to the top of the world and jumping out. or trying to get to the top of the tallest building, or trying to drive a really fast vehicle off of a really high jump. and carnage, dont forget the carnage.

  • If it’s anything like what happened with me with Skyrim (albiet larger by the looks of things!) I’ll start the main story but then get massively distracted by side missions and just running around doing random bits 🙂

  • Do a full tour of the map, see what’s about. Probably grind out some easy money to get a little ahead of the games economy.

  • if the game is well designed, then the missions should pull you in and make you WANT to go do them.

    That’s the beauty with a sandbox design like GTA. Do whatever the hell you want.

    I for one will be jumpin on the first pushy I find! I freaking loved the pushys in SA and was super upset they’d removed them from GTA4! Especially considering I’d sold my ps2 to fund the upgrade to the PS3 for the sole purpose of getting GTA4!

    I will be intrested to see how the cars handle. At first, I thought GTA4’s cars handled like crap, but once you learn to slide properly, I found it super easy to get around quickly. The Stallion is the car of choice for me. Not the fastest, but one of the most rewarding to slide.

  • I’ll probably do a few missions, then explore, then do a few more, then explore some more… rinse and repeat. At some point, I’ll probably go hiking up that mountain, purely for the view at the top… and then figure out a fast and awesome way to get back down that will probably land the character in hospital.

  • I will be doing missions until I get in trouble with police, then all of sudden turn it into world war 3 and try and survive on as many stars as possible. At least thats how it usually goes.

  • I’ll wait for the pc version then mod all the cars and just cruise around the map for a while. Ride some bikes and the get into the missions

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