These Are Some Of The Biggest Mistakes Dota 2 Newbies Make

Stepping into a new game is a daunting task, particularly so if it's multiplayer. Usually, there's a lot to learn, and getting the basics down is often not enough to prepare you to go up against other actual players. DOTA 2, Valve's recently launched multiplayer online battle arena game, is no exception.

Thankfully, VideoGamerTV walks us through some of the things new DOTA players should watch out for when learning the ropes — the stuff that forms bad habits or that hinders you from playing well. It's pretty useful if you're thinking about jumping into the game, or if you're a newbie at it.

Dota 2: Big Mistakes Noobs Make #1 ( [VideoGamerTV]


    Biggest mistake - Installing Dota 2. You're gonna have a bad time if you're a noob, and the community is harsh and unforgiving and it is NOT worth the effort if you're playing solo. I learnt that the hard way.

      I still have fun with mates playing vs bots and experimenting with various classes. Haven't fired up public match yet, would probably get owned :(

        I was surprised it wasnt so bad. The match making system doesnt dick me over too much. Just make sure you take Asia off the search list.

      I always found the matchmaking system to be pretty good, yeah its harsh on new players, but what game isnt these days.

      It's worth checking out some online videos (like this one) before jumping in, just to learn a few basics about last hitting, why your life is so important etc etc..

      DOTA2 is a hard game, thats what makes it so good.

      agreed - Playing in the first place was gonna be my comment. but you summed it up so well!

      I used to play DOTA a lot, but after some time I decided to check out league
      now when I saw this article I expected it to say
      "number 1 mistake made by DOTA noobs, playing DOTA instead of league"

        I was the opposite. Played DOTA a lot, tried to play League, felt like sex with a condom on (just... weird... can't really put my finger on it but didn't feel right). Was very happy to get on DOTA 2 and see it played a lot more to my preferences.

        In summary: Different people like different things. This is still news apparently.

      I hate to play this card/comment, but from what I've observed this is pretty much the case. Unless you know people who play it and just stick to learning with them, you're going to be spending a lot of time having your sexuality, easiness of your mother and/or your mental faculties questioned.

      I think I'd rather just go play something else.

    Let me save you 12 minutes:
    - #1 - Don't burn your health on creeps.
    - #2 - Don't burn your mana on creeps.
    - #3 - Don't let enemy heroes kill you. If this does happen, maybe just play defensively and get last hits for a while. Don't try to 'catch up' by being aggressive, or you'll die more.
    - #4 - Dear god this is an annoying British accent to listen to for 12 minutes.

      You missed "Play bot matches before player matches". I had a guy on the other night who was a "pro on league" so he thought he could just jump in and play his first game without having any idea what he was doing... The rest of us didn't really appreciate it.

        Ooh, fair point. That one is really just common sense, I'd've thought >_>; I can't imagine someone trying StarCraft II or LoL without doing a lot of bot games first. I actually wouldn't touch SC2's multiplayer ladder when Heart of the Swarm came out until after I was confident against Elite (the toughest) AI players.

    Those all apply to League of Legends, if to a slightly lesser extent. Dying in LoL is more common and less devastating, though obviously it must still be avoided if possible. Spending your mana is slightly less of an issue because spells are cheaper and regen is stronger in LoL, but obviously being completely out means you need to leave the lane for a bit and possibly burn a Teleport to get back into the fight if you run that particular spell.

    I couldn't find DotA 2 fun at all. 11 hours of trying to work out what people liked about it (without succeeding) and I felt that was enough.

    I'm happy to leave that game to the feral community that has formed around it. They can keep it.

      Do you like other MOBAs? Because if you play a game in a genre you don't like and expect to like it just because it's popular - you're gonna have a bad time.

        First MOBA I got into. I don't play games because they're popular, I play them because I want to play them. It's just that I didn't get into DotA 2 and the community was one of the deciding factors.

        I couldn't even find the bot mode fun and I spent a fair bit of time there learning the basics.

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