These Guys Can Finish Half-Life 2 In Under 90 Minutes

Over the weekend, the SourceRuns Team, comprised of fourteen players, got together and finished Half-Life 2, from beginning to end, in 1:27:51.09. Which, as you'll see in the video above, is madness. It's also a new world record.

Apparently it took "over 600 days of hard work", which means they deserve the title they gave to the run, which is "Half-Life 2 Done With a High Magnitude of Velocity".

Those interested in the specifics of the run, the team's YouTube page has links to all their documentation, including the glitches they used to squeeze out a few seconds.

Half-Life 2: DWaHMoV - Half-Life 2 Speedrun - 1:27:51 - WR [YouTube]


    Speedruns tend to bum me out more than anything else. Just players taking advantage of every glitch known to man to 'finish' a game. In this case they literally spend most of this video gliding backwards through the air, skipping entire chunks of map and gameplay. I know that sequence-breaking and glitch usage is pretty much a given when doing a speedrun, I just don't find it all that entertaining nor impressive.

    I'd much rather see someone use legitimate tactics to take down a game's most strenuous and difficult segments in a short period of time; such as having practised a boss fight's mechanics down to extremely precise timing, or having found the best way to take out or evade/sneak past groups of enemies before proceeding.
    Not positioning objects so that you can use flaws in a game's physics engine to send you hurtling across areas outside of the map design and landing you at the end of the segment.

    I dunno. Just my opinion. Even in trying to be impressed I was FURTHER BUMMED OUT when noting that these guys did it in separate and more manageable segments rather than as a single 'run'. :P

      agreed. This doesn't really show much skill for playing the actual game, rther showing how good they are at exploiting the game mechanics.

      Most 'speed runs' I've seen though are multiple attempts cut and pasted together to give the quickest possible time rather than just doing single run. Again, that takes out any skill whatsoever and replacing it with how persistent can they be in waiting for the perfect run through each segment.

      Let's Plays are far more interesting to me as they actually show how different people play games and what I could be doing different

      huge exception for portal 2... pulling off portal glitches requires some extreme dedication and dexterity, watching speedrunners reportaling and cube throwing and hopping with precision and speed is impressive.

      I remember seeing some Quake speedruns a while ago. From memory, they didn't use glitching, just ran through everything, not bothering to kill 99% of stuff. Was good seeing how they figured out all the angles.

    I remember a couple of people who did speed runs for Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Finishing the game without playing the Song of Time (aside from the start where the game forces you to use it) seems extremely difficult to do, and it made good sense for the guy who did it to take breaks every 15-20 minutes to go through what they needed to do "perfectly" in the next segment. It's hard not to make a single mistake in a period of 90 minutes for these guys here for Half-Life 2.

      Except that these guys recorded several attempts at each small segment of the 90 minutes and selected the best times to mesh together into the one video. So any mistakes would just be a matter of trial and error until you have your best time. It's not like they endured 90 solid, unbroken minutes of the game without any mistakes in the slightest; rather, they spent almost two years replaying the shit out of small sections, selected the fastest ones, and threw it all together in a video editor.

      Should literally rename the article: "These guys finished Half-Life 2 in under 600 days, and then selected 90 minutes' worth of sequential footage comprising their fastest exploits of each 1-2 minute segment before labelling it as a speed-run"

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    Half hour Half-Life is well worth a watch if you're into this sort of thing (also see
    (this run does include mods and scripts)

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    Wersterlobe. Pokemon. Best speedruns I've ever seen and entertaining as hell. Watch them!

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