This Amazing Art Is Made Almost Entirely Out Of Tea Stains

Did you know that you can make art by using tea? If you're Dara Gold, artist and illustrator from Toronto, you can use tea stains to make pretty awesome art, too.

Making art from tea doesn't mean it all has to be brown, though. Tea comes in fruit flavors! That means there can be some colour in these. Gold also uses ink, which adds some weight to the art. It's very cool. Check the work out:

Not all of the work on Gold's Facebook page is completed, but that's not a complaint — take a look at this in-progress Wind Waker art. Still gorgeous!

And an incomplete Gambit:

Actually, it's fascinating to go through the in-progress images. They give you a sense of how this art comes together. See, for example, the progression of the Totoro art at the top of this post:


    I'm amazed they start with the tea then add the drawing. I thought for sure it would be the other way

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