This Comedian Thinks Video Games Are Done

As games get more immersive, and technology becomes more advanced, sometimes you wonder "Where do we go from here?" Well one comedian thinks video games are done.

In the video above taken from last night's Late Night with Conan O'Brien, comic Dwayne Perkins goes through the absurd history of technological advances in console gaming and wonders where we're going to go from here.

(Via Late Night with Conan O’Brien)


    I just think this lame comedian is just trying to get some publicity! And I'm first! \m/

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    Eh... it works as a routine but that is it,.. what a waste of an article.

    I doubt even the comedian thinks computer games are actually done or is incredibly stupid.

    I thought you said 'comedian'... O_o

    Where's the comedy?

    Just above his head you would have seen those Applause Now signs light up.

    Nah if you watched the whole ep, he's actually a pretty funny guy and that joke only really applies to sports console games anyways.

    Whoa. Be careful, dude. Don't joke about video games. It's safer to be a stand-up and make fun or religion than it is to tease games or gamers!

    Not a bad bit. His point about tech evolving into something that allows us to do something we all could of done before the tech was on point, but the ending was pretty "meh".

      I don't think he is actually teasing games or gamers though?

        No doubt you're right. My comment was more a jab at the petulant man-baby gamers who go mental at anything.

    He does sort of have a point, but it would be more relevant if people actually liked playing games on Kinect.

    Well I'm just curious whether the audience actually understood the whole skit, especially the kinect reference. Sure they laughed, but that means nothing. I thought it was good - and he did have a point.

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