This Cosplay Burlesque Is Electrifying

This Cosplay Burlesque Is Electrifying

AnimeNEXT is a convention that isn’t afraid to be risque, judging from these videos of recent NSFW cosplay burlesque performances. Mind, this is a more modern interpretation of burlesque — it’s provocative show that can feature slapstick humour, skits, striptease acts and more.

Up above we’ve got footage of Nana Valtiel, who performs her show dressed as a Maya the Siren from Borderlands 2. Valtiel is a part of a group called Cosplay Burlesque, which is a band of performers and cosplayers who do shows with the intention of making fandom a little naughtier.

Why do burlesque of nerdy stuff? “Many cons have reoriented their programming to attract younger attendees, which is all well and good, but they haven’t done much for the older crowd,” the Cosplay Burlesque website explains.

Valtiel wasn’t the only performer at AnimeNEXT, of course. There’s Esmerelda May, who also does a Borderlands performance — here she is dressed as Mad Moxxi:

We’ve also got Allen Ryde, who does a Vega performance to some Enrique Iglesias:

And here’s a Sailor Moon performance, also courtesy of Esmerelda May:

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