This Crazy Exoskeleton Suit Gives Schoolgirls (Or Anyone) Super Powers

There are two paths to gaining super powers that don't involve mutations, radiation or intergalactic origins. You can go the RoboCop route, where your body — or what's left of it — is permanently melded to a robotic frame. Or the Iron Man route, where you temporarily don a robotic supersuit and kick arse. The latter approach is, of course, the most desirable, and thanks to Japan's Sagawa Electronics, it could be your reality for $124,000.

The promo video for the company's Power Jacket MK3 makes the suit seem like an April Fool's Day prank, but Sagawa Electronics claims it's actually going to produce five of the units to be sold off to Tony Stark wannabes around the world.

The Power Jacket MK3 sadly doesn't let you fly, has no weapons (unless you include intimidation) and quite frankly looks a little frail. But its major joints are all assisted with electric motors so it should provide some added boost to your own muscles. You won't be flipping cars or battling Hulks, but no jar lid will ever become between you and your pickles ever again.

[Sagawa Electronics via Gizmag]


    Is it just me or does the full size pic sream portal 2 robot cosplay. Add body plates and your done.

    The hell did I just watch?!

    They really have been hiding Gundams from the west all these years haven't they?

    I for one welcome our new Japanese overlords!

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