This Dude Does NOT Want To Pause His Game

The I CAN'T JUST PAUSE MY GAME, mum AND DAD is such a cliche, I know. MachinimaPrime doesn't do much to dispel stereotypes about gamers in this video where a gross man refuses to stop playing a game, but damn if they didn't do a good job of showing how that situation can get extremely out of hand quickly.

Gamer - Game Over Episode 2 [MachinimaPrime]


    Why is 'mum' not capitalized but 'dad' is? I DEMAND A PATRICIA HERNANDEZ ARTICLE TO EXPLAIN THE SEXISM.

      Auto localisation filter to change "mom" to "mum", I'd say.

      However, I did see this: "where a gross man". Patricia subtly trolling us?

    as much as this charachter is a complete idiot I can kind of sympathise...

    I mean somtimes you just want to shut out the world...including your nagging parents, you just want them to SHUT UP AND GO AWAY so you can play your game

    The acting is awful (particularly for the main protagonist), but I did enjoy how things escalated.

    And this ladies and gentlemen; is why I use a headset for gaming and NEVER put my mic on VOX!

    a COD player dying from a heart attack, oh that's just a wet dream come true.

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