This Funny English Book Will Never Help You At School. Never.

For many in Japan, English is a hard language. Most textbooks are dull. Not this one.

Titled English Words That Don't Appear on Tests (試験に出ない英単語), the book is packed with ridiculous words, phrases, sentences and photos that will never help you on any examination. But they might make you giggle. For example?

These are even better if you aren't a student and already understand English! And the wonderful illustrations by Chino A totally sell the ridiculous sentences.

Pictures: Excite, [email protected], まつでぃ録, 2ch


    Was that Michael Moore in the tank in #121 ;)

      Haha yeah I thought that immediately.

      In before 9gag gets a copy of this book and scans/posts every damn page after watermarking them.

      Either that, or Steven Spielberg has let himself go..

    I dont get it. What's so weird about elderly gentlemen doing headspins on top of buildings? Our chairman does it all the time...

    Chapter 1, page 15 illustrates the repercussions of insulting the gaming community.
    13 years after Daikatana, John Romero begs Gary Busey to army crawl with him tonight.

    Keep running, George Broussard, we haven't forgotten about you either..

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