This Game Makes You Want To Kill Thieves -- And Become One Too

You’ve got a nice family, a decent home and a nice little bundle of cash saved up. Of course, you want to protect it. But somewhere out there is someone with all the same things and with the right planning you can keep all (or most) of the things in your home and steal his stuff. You’re smart enough, bold enough or stupid enough to try it, right?

The game detailed above is The Castle Doctrine, an MMO from Jason Rohrer, creator of Passage. If the premise of simultaneously defending your home while sneaking into another’s abode intrigues you, you can get in on the ground floor for The Castle Doctrine and start testing the alpha with other would-be criminals.


    Can I? Do I do it by telepathy or is there a link?

      Here Piat, I made this just for you.

        arent you sweet, I dont actually care, its just poor form to the developers to write about their game and not even link it.

          The developer didn't write the article...a journalist did.

          Stop being such a baby.

            That's what I said, someone wrote about their game and didn't link it, a shitty thing to do to the developer. I'd be pretty peeved if I was them.

    omg so much more complicated than is shown.... just visited the forums and checked out some designs...

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