This Game's Credits Are A Love Letter To Retro Music Games

The newest game in the Neptunia series, God Dimension Idol Neptunia PP, came out on the Vita a little over a week ago. Today I finished it, only to discover the ending credits were better than the entire game preceding it.

Unlike the other games in the Neptunia series, Neptunia PP isn't an RPG. Rather, it's an [email protected] clone — half visual novel, half music game — where you train the four console goddesses to sing and thus combat the invading forces of MOB48 (a pun on the idol group AKB48 and the Japanese word for “mobile game”).

When you finish the game, you are treated to a little present: a look back at the most famous musical moments in gaming — with a Neptunia twist. There are shout-outs to everything from the Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker to Rez and Parappa the Rapper — not to mention more than a few RPGs.

To see the credits in all their nostalgic glory, check out the video above. And don't worry, it contains absolutely no spoilers.

God Dimension Idol Neptunia PP was released for the PlayStation Vita on June 20, 2013, in Japan. There is currently no word on an international release.


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