This Hospital Has Its Very Own Video Game Room… For The Surgeons

“It’s amazing how that little monkey wound up being able to help me and others become better surgeons” said an actual doctor. At a Florida hospital, the doctors are encouraged to play six minutes of video games before surgery. Dr James Rosser, who co-authored a study on the benefits of gaming and laparoscopic surgery years ago at Beth Israel, is now putting the policy in motion at a Florida hospital.

The end result? An area where the surgeons can relax, kick back and play some Super Monkey Ball.

Seriously though, Gamecube? Look, I know the Gamecube Super Monkey Ball is great, but you might wanna get something a bit newer. Get with the times, doc!

Clip via News 13 Florida


  • I see no problem with this, i made my doctors all play video games to rest. This was on Theme Hospital though 🙂

  • Dissing on the Gamecube…
    It had Wind Waker, Rogue Squadron 2, Starfox Adventures, Pikmin among others and that glorious glorious controller.

    edit* Oh, and the Resident Evil remake

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