This Is 3D Coffee Art For Regular Folks

Not everyone can whip up amazing 3D cappuccino and latte art. Heck, the vast majority of us can't. But we still want to enjoy cute characters peeking up at us out of a steaming cup of java. Good thing there's this.

Excite reports Japanese marshmallow specialty shop Yawahada has adorable hand-made cat marshmallows that you can plunk in your coffee (or hot cocoa) for instant 3D beverage art.

Dubbed "Cat Cafe", each one is made by hand one at a time — a time-consuming process. The shop hit on the idea for this particular marshmallow after customers complained that another one of its cat-shaped marshmallows (see below) started sinking, head-first. How sad! Thus, the marshmallow wizards at Yawahada created a cat that poked its head out of your steamy drink.

Besides the marshmallow felines, there are also cat paws that come in different flavours, like "milk tea", "cocoa", and "green tea latte", and that were originally designed for hot milk.

Think of this as 3D coffee for the hoi polloi.

カップの中から猫!3Dラテアートが楽しめるマシュマロ [Excite]

マシュマロ専門店やわはだ [Facebook via Sanpasta]

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    Yep the reasons for wanting to move to Japan just seem to keep building up.

    Can we get these in Australia?

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