This Is Don Mattrick, New CEO Of Zynga, On A Canadian Quiz Show Aged 19

This Is Don Mattrick, New CEO Of Zynga, On A Canadian Quiz Show Aged 19

Before Don Mattrick was involved with EA or Microsoft, before he was the CEO of Zynga, he was the 17 year-old founder of Distinctive Software alongside his friend Jeff Sember and the pair were incredibly successful. Successful enough to be featured on a Canadian show called Front Page Challenge, which has a kind of 21 questions format. Mattrick appeared on the show and television gold ensued.

I just love this: Don Mattrick as the lanky wunderkind who can’t believe his luck. His partner Jeff Sember as the precocious talker. It’s just amazing.

Even better still is the old 1980s Grandad attitudes towards video games. “I heard these games turn your brain to mush,” one contestant says. “You’re not gonna come over here and bite me?”

It’s just incredible.

Thanks to Nic Healey from CNET for the heads up!


  • CEO of Zynga? Ohhh now I am beginning to understand his attitude towards gamers a bit better.

  • The end is nigh! Fellow gamers on the internet, open your eyes! Remember the prophecies!

    “When the Lord of Three Evils appears, a bad day will be had by all.”

    Three evils according to the internet are EA, Microsoft and Zynga. The die is cast, the train has left the station! Game over man! Game over!

  • They come across very articulate despite their young age. I know I wouldn’t have been able to speak that well at 17 years old.

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