This Is Mirror's Edge In Real Life. It Is *Terrifying*

I can't tell if these guys are imitating Mirror's Edge, or if this video is just a testament to how well the game captured what parkour feels like. Either way, this first person Parkour video is so much like Mirror's Edge that it's actually a little bit terrifying.

There's even moments that feel like it is straight out the game — like the first moment you slide down a rooftop in the game, or hurdle a fence — this real life video seems to imitate the animations in the game, or is it the other way around.

I can't decide. Either way, this video needs more red, otherwise the poor bastards won't know what direction to run.

You have to watch this video. It's the greatest thing I've seen all day. Easily.


    I get uneasy standing on the balcony of a two story building. This is madness. MADNESS. D:

      hey guys I am 1 huge runner fan I got a couple of questions if that's alright

    Things aren't turning red because they disabled Runner Vision.

    Seriously though, this is why I say that Mirror's Edge absolutely nailed the sense of movement in a first person perspective that so few games have managed to come close to. In most games, you're a floating camera with a gun in front of you. In Mirror's Edge, there's a whole damned human moving.

      They did a pretty good job for a first try, now they need to build on it and have better camera control motion bobbing when you are running, the head tilting forward when you are jumping from a high ledge to a lower one etc. etc.

      These would all be in the options so they could be turned on and off other wise people who suffer from motion sickness would have a hard time playing.

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    I wonder how many people have died trying to freerun? I mean, sure the balance is impressive and all, but they were jumping onto poles no more than two inches wide? And we're expected to believe that noone ever stuffs up a landing?

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      Nobody expects you to believe that. People die.

      I can imagine so many geeks have come very close (if not) to killing themselves because they think that , just with practice, they can pull off this shit. I think people under-estimate the dangers of this stuff - especially the skinny ones who run around with their shirts off looking like a bunch of knobs.
      Most of the guys that can do this stuff really well have a solid foundation in strength training, sports, and have good balance and coordination - naturally.

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        They also probably started no higher than 3 feet off the ground.

    That gave me chills, until I watched one of the guys Crane climbing videos. It's not too bad until he grabs onto a bar and lowers himself down over nothing, hanging by his hands. He even lets go of one hand for a time.

    I think this video just captures a POV of parkour. In saying that, Mirror's Edge did an excellent job in emulating what it really feels like. Seeing stuff like this makes me look forward to the next one even more.

    I lent my copy of Mirror's Edge to my brother literally the day before Mirror's Edge 2 (or whatever) was announced. And now this... I WANT TO PLAY IT AGAIN :(

      Dude it's like $10 on Steam. Go buy it again!

    I hate that this stupid game has all but disappeared from shops for ages, and that I didn't have a 360 when they were all clearing it out for all of $5 so I didn't pick it up when I had the chance.

    I have tracked a couple down, but they're still being held to ransom at $50. No thanks.

      PC version goes on sale for $3 from time-to-time on Steam. Slightly better visuals too. Might be worth playing with a controller in big picture mode?

        Yeah except I don't have a controller nor Steam.

          No harm in getting a Steam account these days. Not only that, the keyboard and mouse controls are actually very good. Having played through several times now, I actually prefer keyboard and mouse over controller for this game.

            I'm still kinda wary of Steam. Don't like having to make a new account for every little thing I do, nor having extra programs and clients to constantly whine about needing updates or whatever. So far the Humble Bundles + Store have been serving me well :P

              You do realise you just make the one account for steam right? And then all the games you purchase via steam(and some not via steam) then run through it? The only time you need to make a separate account is if the game itself requires it, which means even if you purchased it outside of steam you would have had to make a new account anyway.

              Steam barely whines for updates, and its easily the best for game organisation.

              Seriously, I add non-steam games to it just for ease of use.

        Do that! I played the entire game on PC with a keyboard and it was a bitch. I started again last week with a controller and it's SO much better.

      I saw a 360 copy for $20 the other day. Happy to pick up and post to you if you're keen. Let me know.

        Haha, honestly I'm torn over it. On the one hand it would be convenient (hell, even grabbing one off eBay would be cheap and simple) but part of me just wants to get one of these particular ones because I hunted them down, I know they're still there, and I know this store has had ridiculously cheap clearance prices before (nabbed a $5 Bomberman: Act Zero a little while back)... it's supposed to be mine, dammit!

          I understand that. The hunt is part of the game!

    Reinstalling Mirror's Edge right now

    For any kids who want to try this at home, the trick is to do it blindfolded so you don't get scared. Also it's best done after some rain, so your shoes don't stick.

    Have fun these holidays, and when your at the ER remember not to blame video games, blame Christian rock music.

    that video was just amazing, there were sections of the video due to the camera lens which made it look really 'game like'
    freeRun is by far my fav sport, even tho it isnt recognized as a legit sport... it should be

    Amazing that a human can move so fluidly through such an environment. These kinds of videos remind me just how amazing and versatile we are if we put our mind to something.

    ...conversely this ( video reminds me just how stupid we can really be! :P

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